Bitter News, 4-14-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, reminding you to not be like William Wallace; sign a prenup:

In bad-hair and bad-courtroom news, after two trials Wall of Sound and wall-of-hair music producer Phil Spector was found guilty of murder yesterday, and coiffed former governor Blagojevich plead not guilty today, but no one’s offering him any defense coupons. [E! Online | MSNBC via AP]

And Brit Brit’s ability to perform in the circus might just make her fit enough to rejoin her bald-as-a-mug past back in the courtroom.  [E! Online]

Not sure if you heard this yet or not, but lawyers are getting laid off left and right.  Unemployment for lawyers is at a 10-year high.  Is a JD the new psychology degree?  [Associated Press]

Stop sending raTTT poison to NYC law schools already and throw it in the sewers where it belongs.  []

The New York Times’ Adam Liptak published a few articles over the weekend involving SCOTUS and, specifically, Justice Ginsburg.  And what better analysis could come of it than from a blog called: [Lawyers, Guns and Money]

Liptak also wrote yesterday about the “tired” and “sensitive” Justice Thomas, who gave some partially detached responses to questions about his life and job from high school essay contest winners.  [The New York Times]

Meanwhile, Chief John Roberts is presiding as judge of North Carolina Central University’s law school court competition.  Hm.  Sure.  [News 14]

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