Bitter News, 4-16-09

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that will still be around long after John Madden:

On May 13, a judge will decide whether to approve $55.1 million in fees for 490 Weil, Gotshal & Manges attorneys who, in 138 days, billed 100,000 hours (795 of them accounted to partner Harvey R. Miller at a rate of $950) as advisers in the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy filling.  I’d say that’s what you call a “strong bankruptcy practice.” [Wall Street Journal]

Which, I guess, coughing up $950/hour to go broke is a better deal than being charged £250/hour to literally be screwed by your lawyer.  “Some of the ‘urgent work’ was actually for time when she had personal reason to know he was not thrusting himself into a law book.” [Times Online]

Emptying the tank while God’s blessing America ain’t cool at a Yankee’s game.  And Bradford Campeau-Laurion (a name that screams “kick my ass”) is suing for being treated by police in an “undignified fashion” on a trip to the bathroom.  []

Hey, Tina Fey, please discover a lawyer-cum-wannabe-screenwriter with such schadenfreude that a brush with life-threatening mail fraud makes her want to be noticed by you.  Or don’t.  It’s your call, Fey.  [Discover Me, Tina Fey!]

Trust? In Business?!?  Not obsessing over details?!?! No due diligence?!?!?  Harrison Barnes could charge a two-drink minimum for this bit.  Or maybe it’s a perfect illustration of how a “lawyer mentality” can kill an entrepreneurial spirit on contact.  Warren Buffett is all “big picture,” and you’re all “details.” []

With Northwestern offering its law students loan forbearance and deferred student loan payments to unemployed grads, UCLA has hit the compassion scene by announcing they will accept 20 additional unemployed grads to their LLM programs, safely allowing you to circle the drain further into debt for a year before you ever earn a legal dime.  [WSJ Law Blog]

Here’s a bullet point as to why being a Plaintiff’s lawyer may be a little more lively than criminal defense.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

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