Bitter News, 4-2-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom as disappointing as Guiding Light but as rousing as The $25,000 Pyramid:

When life gives you a down legal market, go teach downward dog.  Lawyers piled into the NY Bar Association to chat out what the hell else they can do with their lives if a law firm savasana isn’t allowing them to fulfill their dreams to overwork. Or is it maybe just time to rethink the whole legal industry?  [Am Law Daily | The New York Times]

Out like a lion—March saw the demise of 3,500 lawyers and staff.  [ABA Journal]

What are the legal issues when top college sports programs and still-in-school stars push the NCAA bounds for self-marketing and revenue streaming? “The further you go down that path (of commercialism), you get closer to blurring that line to where there’s potentially not a lot of distinction,” said one wet-blanket lawyer.  [USA Today]

The Yankees new stadium continues to piss off the community for allegedly shortchanging them, and they’re getting sued by their own lawyer.  [The New York Times]

Looks like a Bberry, works like an iPhone—the new App World hits the scene fashionably late with an online store where you can download iPhone-like applications for your BlackBerry.  And while the reviews are terrifically mixed, it’s still a better reality than “all 800 attorneys and 200 Paralegals at an undisclosed BigLaw firm are to receive Kindle 2’s. The Kindles will all come preloaded with the entire National Reporter Sets, US Code, CFR and Federal Register.” [MSNBC]

Lawyers who bust the innocent free are the big trend of the day.  The Innocence Project at Cardozo Law School is hot, hot, hot with late success.  And USC law student Adam Reich helped bust 29-year jail vet Connie Keel from the clink.  Hell, SCOTUS even said yesterday that the government should pay federally appointed lawyers for working on state clemency requests for death row inmates.  [Washington Post]

Project Runway is finally strutting it’s stuff over to the Lifetime network, no thanks to NBC’s outside counsel Gibson Dunn.  [WSJ Law Blog]

And speaking of TV, five-time world boxing champion and probation violator Johnny Tapia has been sentenced to… (wait for it)… the Celebrity Rehab television show hosted on VH1 by Dr. Drew.  []

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