Bitter News, 4-21-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, which is proudly part of the 20 million strong:

Wall Street heavy hitters are trading warm-colored parachutes for academic asylum. Former Merrill Lunch prez Greg Fleming is the face of jumping the line and is now on staff at Yale Law School.  [Time]

For Blagojevich, it’s more like “I’m a Celebrity, but I’ll Just Hang Here Because I’m Facing 30 Years in the Big House—It’s Cool.” A judge denied permission for the former governor to travel to Costa Rica to perform in a new NBC reality show, which could’ve netted him up to $80,000/week.  The judge thinks Blago doesn’t really get that he’s a flight risk and in some pretty deep legal shit.  [Chicago Sun-Times]

Ah, tomorrow is Secretary’s Day…Administrative Professionals’ Day…or Whatever-the-Hell-You-Call-That-Woman’s Day.  Money, Cash, Money, Cold-Hard Green, Pay-Off Day?  Just-Some-Nice-Flowers Day?  For the love of Ray J, we’ll just ask Nancy.  Has anyone seen Nancy? Hey, Nancy?  Nancy!?!?  [Eating Sushi With Impunity]

US News law school rankings aren’t officially due till Thursday, but it ain’t cool unless someone leaks them early.  [The Critical Badger]

Rust never sleeps.  And sometimes the watchdog becomes the intruder.  Amid all the corruption trial aftermath of former Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), the chief of the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section, William Welch, will step down because he now faces a criminal contempt investigation of his own.  [Roll Call]

It’s about conducting yourself like a sportsman.  One lawyer/parent is learning crowd behavior after being banished 100 yards away from the little league action.  And Ole Miss men’s basketball head coach Andy Kennedy has pleaded guilty to “a reduced charge of disorderly conduct” after allegedly punching a taxi driver and shouting racial slurs after the SEC-Big East Challenge.  [Washington Post | Kansas City Star]

Small is the new big?  Well, that’s at least what BL1Y tells the ladies. [Slate]

Few lawyers’ concern*: How do I fashionably get to the courthouse without getting my tie caught in the front break.  (*Because you’re a d-bag Beemer driver.) [Tucson Bike Lawyer]

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