Bitter News, 4-27-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, with mad RIP love for Bea Arthur and Portfolio:

Washington D(epressed).C.(ity)’s legal market is getting crushed. The lawyer capital of the nation with nearly 14 times more lawyers per capita than New York City (and a record-low 35,000 Washingtonians earning a legal-related living) has seen nearly 2% of its associate ranks decimated this year.  Even old-man partners are getting the boot.  [Washington Times]

Let’s make these D.C. statistics personal, shall we? Juan Valdivieso is about to graduate Harvard Law School (ever heard of it?!), but his offer from Morgan, Lewis & Bockius’s capital office just got bumped for a year pending he works pro bono. [The Boston Globe]

It’s getting jambalaya-ed in the U.S. News crockpot of stewed law school ranking.  Brooklyn, Nebraska and now Florida have all apparently submitted incorrect data.  So spicy.  [TaxProf Blog]

Hey, I can’t pay my legal bills in cash, per se, but I can offer you half a Big Gulp, two mix tapes, a pine tree air freshener and hood ornament from a Buick Riviera.  We square?  []

When some people don’t have lives of their own, they create fantasy lives online and share those lives with other avatar-represented humans in the world of Second Life.  And where there are interactions, real or otherwise, you’ll find lawyers hanging out a shingle, waiting to lay down the law.  Someone stole your idea for a digital sexcapades bed that you were selling for actual money online?  Sue the virtual pants of them with a real lawsuit.  Confused?  I’m not following either.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

Sudden Wealth Syndrome: A lawyers problem professionally.  Not personally.  [Washington Post]

Andres Alvarez: Lawyers’ number-one draft pick for Swine Flu[Houston Business Journal]

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