Bitter News, 4-28-09

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Quick, all-new headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, despite your “can’t duct it fuck it” attitude:

• It seems like Mexico City might be a CLO’s paradise these days.  Since most in-housers have requested less in-person interaction with firm types, there’s nothing like hanging out in an outbreak epicenter when a media-fueled flu pandemic begins its prairie fire across the globe to ensure you get your personal space.  Given the fact that surgical masks aren’t quite as smart and sexy as, say, Tina Fey glasses, there ain’t nothin’ you can’t do via phone when you’re respiratory system is being frontlined by a gauze veil held onto your face with rubber bands.  Mexico City law firms are washing their hands more frequently, which is just great in general, but the Mexico City office of Dallas firm Haynes and Boone is reporting business as usual.  The only exception being that even though they’re not having swine-like symptoms, they’re sweating like pigs since the A/C is off to prevent spreading germs.  And they had a 5.6 earthquake yesterday.  But they swear: Everything is fine.  Just another day.  Of hot, stagnant air.  On seismic-active ground.  With a CDC horror story unfolding outside their door.  []

• If you’re a prosecuting lawyer representing movie and music studios’ copyright interests against torrent sites like Pirate Bay, expect for that site’s technophile friends to go all online Somali pirate on your ass.  And you’re Richard Phillips.  [Tom’s Hardware |]

• Summer Associates have long been a welcomed distraction for firm partners and associates to have an excuse to wine and dine on the company dime.  But now that the gravy train has pulled into the depot for the foreseeable future, it seems it’s trending for people to be almost gleeful of the fact that lawyers-in-training are being stripped of their “sense of entitlement” and forced to learn how to get acquainted with hard work and responsibility.  []

• Yet there is concern that maybe law students aren’t finding enough internships.  Mixed messages.  []

• Windy City legal newsmakers: Blago needs dinero for his defense-o.  [Chicago Tribune]

• And a harsher punishment is requested for Loren E. Friedman, a 2003 graduate of the University of Chicago Law School and former summer associate at Sidley Austin who falsified his law-school transcripts along with other ethical violations.  [Chicago Tribune]

• “Marc Dreier, the New York law firm founder charged with defrauding hedge funds, will plead guilty to federal charges including conspiracy and wire fraud on May 11.” [Bloomberg]

• Las Vegas is taking the law firm downturn quite seriously.  Just look at these pictures of very respectable, professional-looking women working away in firms.  But for no reason other than the fact that this story is about Vegas, how can you not wonder if they’re strippers?  Or have been a stripper at one time.  Or are thinking about stripping due to the bad economy.  “‘A lot of firms have frozen rates at this point,’ Thompson said.” And sent these ladies to the brass poles!  In my mind.  And that’s not okay. [Las Vegas Business Press]

• There’s no place like Carmen Miranda.  There’s no place like Carmen Miranda.  [MSNBC]

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  • lady lawyer

    clever beginning, my ex husband, a lawyer also, always duct tape so he didn’t have to go out and get the new parts.  I would go out and get the new parts after the duct tape failed.  So much for domestic male lawyers.

  • Steve

    You guys need to stop stealing from ATL