Bitter News, 4-3-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom as delicious as Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni:

GO STATE!  Beat bankruptcy.  In these times, a little team spirit goes a long way.  Second Start Bankruptcy Law Firm put up several billboards in Detroit this weekend cheering on the green and white in this weekend’s Final Four.  [The Detroit News]

Newspapers are dead.  Grunge is dead.  Fur is deadLonelyGirl15—dead.  R.I.P. BigLaw?  Seems that the shock and awe are over, and now the hysteria has set in.  With yesterday’s Adam Cohen NYT piece considering the demise of the current legal industry, constant layoff reports, belly-up firms and books like The End of Lawyers?, it’s easy to get lathered up about how the profession could be headed they way of Studio 54 (maybe even Detroit?).  But there are whispers of a silver lining in a movement toward “a new of efficiency.” Cheers to hope.  [ABA Journal]

A New York parents’ blog warns Skaddan associates to head for the hills in the run for partnership.  [ManhattanKids]

And perhaps those associates should reference “the fallacy of deferred dreams” because life is for living, and the laid off are one step closer to making that happen.  [Leverage for Lawyers]

The breadbasket got a hearty serving of gay rights as Iowa ruled that same-sex marriage is constitutional.  [The New York Times]

Stephen Bucaria is getting into freezer repair.  The Long Island State Supreme Court Justice said he would likely accept a modified freeze of Peter Madoff, Bernard’s brother and former chief compliance officer’s, assets.  His current, larger freeze that only allowed him $10,000 a month, brought about by a 22-year-old law student’s lawsuit against Peter for investing in his brother’s Ponziapalooza, was argued by his attorney as being so broad that we wouldn’t even be able to pay his taxes come the 15th.  [Bloomberg]

Joel Podolny blamed the financial crisis on B schools and MBAs.  Oh no he diiiiidn’t.  [Washington Post]

“A lawyer for suspended NFL star Michael Vick told a bankruptcy court Thursday that the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback has lined up a construction job for when he gets out of prison.” [Associated Press]

Women only comprise 17% of law firm partners.  So let’s get a little flex-time/part-time up in here.  Yup.  Yup.  [The National Law Journal]

Jamaican me unemployed.  The island is supposed to be where American laid-off lawyers go to relax—not where Jamaican lawyers follow the American layoff trend.  [Am Law Daily]

Ousted Gov. Rod Blagojevich got the big indictment yesterday with 19 counts.  “The former governor is alleged to have used his office to try to make cash off of state appointments and state business in exchange for passing legislation and other official government actions.” So a news crew met him at Disney World for a reaction—if only his damn wife and “someone who knows” would’ve gotten out of the way.  Sheesh.  [Sun Times]

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