Bitter News, 4-30-09

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

• The sun may be shining, but you won’t know it.  On Monday, the Bitter Poll question was “Given the recession, are you more or less likely to take a vacation this summer?” And close to half thought it was a good idea.  But maybe not so much.  “Now is simply not the time to take a week-long vacation from your Big Law job to celebrate the fact that you are still employed.” Also, don’t take a min-vacation or a long weekend or even look at pictures of the beach on your firm computer until you know for certain you’re not on the layoff short list.  But you can maybe slide with a mid-week mental health day.  But stay reachable—and stay off Facebook[The Snark via]

• The sisterhood of law is hurting and in need of some traveling pants.  “Talk to any group of women lawyers, and there will be plenty of war stories on the betrayals—real or perceived—that they have experienced at the hands of other women.” They won’t mentor each other, they don’t want to work for each other and the word “catfight” makes their claws come out even more. [American Lawyer]

• And the brotherhood of law certainly isn’t any better.  Reports today of a laid-off Kilpatrick Stockton lawyer who apparently committed suicide with a shotgun in his office is met with a massive comment section of those who couldn’t resist an anonymous “first!” “perhaps the guy’s name was Patrick Stockton?” and “This death is obviously related to the swine flu.” Way to build the tribe.  [Above the Law]

• White House says energy secretary aide has family members with probable swine flu after a trip to Mexico City.  And that totally supports what VP Biden meant to say.  [TPM News]

• And the energy secretary could be the new Andrew Speaker.  He’s a lawyer who was the poster child and sideshow for the international tuberculosis scare of 2007 who is now suing the CDC for leaking his private information to the media and ruining his marriage.  []

• “Why shouldn’t hookers and johns pay their fair share like everybody else?” Now that the Craigslist Killer has exposed what’s really going down beyond the traditional bedroom, could a $5 flat fee tax on sexual and erotic services be the answer to the country’s recession woes?  And how would that work when, as a lawyer, you let your female clients sex their way to “no balance due?” That’s right, it would still get you disbarred.  [Reuters]

• In the world of trademark wars and lawsuits, stealing the “Mc” in McDonald’s traditionally gets you a legal Big Mac to the face.  “But Malaysia’s Appeal Court said Wednesday that McDonald’s can’t claim an exclusive right to the “Mc” prefix, overturning a 2006 court ruling. The Appeal Court ruled there was no proof that McCurry misrepresented itself to the public and confused consumers.” And don’t even get them started on a Swedish strip club that has a red “M” logo that resembles both women’s breasts and the golden arches simultaneously.  [Chicago Tribune]

• Rapper Lil Wayne sampled another artist’s song on his track “I Feel Like Dying” and got sued.  Now he’s suing his producer for not getting the proper licensing.  And fighting with a “prisoner locked up behind Xanax bars” can’t be easy.  [Phrequency]

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  • Lady lawyer

    Why are women not supportive to other females?

  • Anonymous

    A woman/woman partner/associate relationship is never pretty