Bitter News, 4-6-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that are the fastest and furious-est:

Marc Dreier and Bernie Madoff are maybe just super-repressed drama nerds.  They could have probably avoided all this fraud and financial loss if they had just channeled their need to be someone else into a big, meaty stage role.  [Law And More]

Too big is too bad, and too small is a flaw.  Huge firms can have too much overhead, and without a diversification amongst practice groups, tiny firms cannot compensate for recession-prone departments, like real estate.  So kick your wife to the curb and mope about it.  [Miami Herald]

Chris Brown is due in court today to enter a plea for getting handsy with girlfriend Rihanna, and the world can’t leave it alone for even a second—Oprah and Tyra publicly insisting they go their separate ways.  So when a New York state senator faces felony charges after being indicted last week for beating on his girlfriend (ON SURVEILLANCE VIDEO), why are Democrats maybe aiding him and not calling for his resignation?  [The Daily Beast]

You thought the AIG bailout was egregious—mobster John Gotti’s lawyer requested taxpayer funds to pay for him to represent Gotti in his most recent murder conspiracy trial.  [New York Daily News]

For those of you who treat your MySpace and Facebook profiles like they’re your private diary in your own little private Idaho, a California court ruled it’s more a big worldwide bulletin board.  [WSJ Law Blog]

Studying for the LSAT sucked all your time back in the day—and now it has a life on Facebook (which sucks most of your time currently).  Kaplan has launched a Facebook game to bone up for the LSAT where players accrue points which can be redeemed for test prep materials.  []

Nothing can pack a house like when a band blasts a promotion that the two front guys are lawyers.  Trial Run—yeeeeough!  [The Boston Globe]

And nothing piles on the readers like saying you’re likely getting shut down.  Ho hum, Boston Globe.  [Huffington Post]

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