Bitter News, 4-7-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom as unhitched and persona non grata as Lilo to SamRon:

Four days after Iowa got all XY/XY—XX/XX on marriage, Vermont lawmakers today overrode a veto from the governor and cleared the way for the state to become the fourth in the nation where gay marriage is legal.  Ben and Jerry can finally make it official.  [Reuters]

Has it come and gone yet?  If not, just kick back and wait.  11:45 AM on Tuesday is the most stressful time of the week.  [Times Online]

Who’s callin’ who misconducted now, beotch?!?  A ticked-off federal judge lashed out on the Justice Department officials in charge of the corruption case against former Sen. Ted Stevens for straight-up botching it.  Now a lawyer is investigating them.  And Stevens feels all shiny and whole again.  Ahh, justice.  []

At a legal cost of $209 million, the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy is a Superman Returns budget.  But a belly-up GM, which would cost $230 million in Weil Gotshal & Manges fees, makes it Waterworld money, baby.  And don’t even get me started on foster care lawyers[Bloomberg]

Can someone get Luxembourg on the phone please?  Madoff’s got cash stashed everywhere.  And Irving Picard’s going to find it, dammit.  [Newsday]

Grades no longer cease to exist after law school.  The BBB in Minnesota and North Dakota rate firms A+ to F.  And get this: Some lawyers think it’s unfair.  [Finance and Commerce]

Not realizing your legal calling in India after the age of 30 will leave you with all of the Slumdog and none of the Millionaire.  The Bar Council of India passed age limits on law courses—“No candidate above the age of 20 would be admitted to the five-year LLB course. And nobody above 30 years of age will be allowed to join the post-graduate three-year LLB course.” And their young, hot legal market ain’t for sale anyway, so keep on walking.  []

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