Bitter News, 4-9-10

Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom as disturbing as a fat kid singing Lady Gaga:

• Veep veep!  Make way for the Cheesesteak Bidenmobile.  Nom nom nom.  “Vice President Joe Biden made money during law school by driving cheesesteak sandwiches from his home state of Delaware back to school in Syracuse, N.Y., where he would sell them for ‘three times as much’ as he had paid for them.” [The Washington Scene]

• “Consensus: Law schools aren’t changing fast enough.” That sounds nice, definitive and like something to which I can hitch my wagon.  Law schools’ failure to innovate means fewer career options for graduates and dilutes the value of an overpriced law degree.  [The National Law Journal]

• Manhattan’s new top DA since January, rookie Cy Vance, is just one of the guys in his office.  He spent all day Wednesday in a misdemeanor courtroom handling routine procedures as “part of his office-wide effort requiring senior prosecutors to leave their offices and pitch in against the current backlog in misdemeanor cases.” And while he initially was a little rusty standing up on cases, doing it was how Cy got his groove back.  [New York Post]

• Law firm layoffs may be an eternal flame.  Mayer Brown just s#!t-canned 28 attorneys and 47 staff.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

• As we mentioned in “20 Legal Facts About the Coaches of March Madness,” Butler University men’s basketball coach, Brad Stevens, who had a bit of a good year, is married to a contract attorney.  She helped him negotiate his initial small-fry contract when he was first offered the head-coaching job.  But this time, she got to test her hand at a new one—with a few more zeros written on it. “She’s the first person I turn to for legal advice, I will say that,” Stevens said.  Following his Final Four championship game appearance, the 33-year-old basketball coach agreed to a 12-year contract extension through the 2021-22 season, worth an estimated $1 million annually.  [The Indianapolis Star]

• Lawyer who is a rock star.  Sounds like a 50-something man during a midlife crisis who decided to back out the Lexus and get the old band back together to play flabby re-renditions of 60’s rock anthems in his suburban garage.  Or it could be Susan Bysiewicz.  []

• “In what other field are people chosen for the very top job based on criteria that should rightly only be considered when they are first hired?” Umm, that would be the Supreme Court of the United States.  Here’s the “Let’s be serious” part of judging the SCOTUS candidates based on their colleges and law school.  [The Daily Caller]

• And, as if you already didn’t know, oldie U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announced he’s retiring.  Check out who’s saying farewell and what other cRaZy outtakes there are about his decision are appearing on this fad we call the World Wide Web.  [WSJ Law Blog]

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