Bitter News, 5-26-09

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Grab a liquid-crack Red Bull and start the short week with these headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

• The whole Scalia/Fordham Law “teaching moment” thing is all well and good, but what happens when people who aren’t law students use the internet to obtain personal information about a judge?  Like, say, white supremacists and gang members.  The increasing threats of terror and ease of access to their personal information are so great that judges are starting to pack heat, get 24-hour protection and run covert ops in addition to their usual ”going commando.” [The WashingtonPost]

• Judge Sonia Sotomayor has been nominated by President Obama to replace Justice Souter on the Supreme Court.  Sotomayor has a low-blood-sugar-from-the-projects story, a record, opposition, live blogging of her nomination for her scrapbook, a process to reach 60 to still go through, and training on how to ask losing parties lots of questions.  [CNN]

• Even though Sotomayor would be the first Hispanic and third woman to serve on SCOTUS, is that really diversifying the court? Race and gender aside, eight justices attended Harvard or Yale (Clinton attack!) law school—sorry about Lady Wood, Texas.  And seven are from the eastern seaboard.  [Washington Post]

Ellen must be on pins and needles as seven Supremes hunker down today in California to determine the constitutional validity of same-sex marriage and the fate of the 18,000 gay couples who married after the court ruled it discriminatory but before the voter ban.  I wonder what Sonia Sotomayor would do here.  (UPDATE:  Ellen, Portia and 17,999 other same-sex legally married couples are safe, but the court upheld the ban based on November’s vote.) [The New York Times | UPDATE: The New York Times]

• White-collar crime surges during recessions.  I get that.  But how the hell did a paralegal almost get away with selling an old-man lawyer’s practice for twenty bones???  [San Jose Mercury News]

• Did you think about buying a house from Melinda and Scott Tamkin but then change your mind after seeing that disparaging depiction of them as Melinda and Scott Tucker on C.S.I.?  What?  No?  You didn’t?  You wouldn’t have made that leap in a million years?  Oh, well then, were you thinking of buying a house from Melinda and Scott Tamkin but changed your mind after hearing that they’re being drama queens and suing a C.S.I. writer for using two similarly named characters in her produced script, which they allege has cost them millions in lost business?  That’s more likely.  [Associated Press via Yahoo!]

• The grass is never greener on the other side of the law.  A defense attorney was so inspired by his clients that he decided to do a little drinking, driving, crashing, fleeing and refusing of his own.  And a judge’s death is being investigated as a suicide after his second DUI arrest.  [NWF Daily News | Midtown Journal]

• An e-alert for law firms: Your e-alerts are annoying.  E-hug.  [The New Lawyer]

• Elon graduated their very first law school class.  No word on if it will be “Elon” time til any of them find meaningful work. Just because they’re the first class doesn’t mean they’re rollin’ first class.  []

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