Bitter News, 5-5-09

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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that pair perfectly with your fish tacos and salsa asada:

• Paul Bergrin, one of New Jersey’s finest litigators, pleaded guilty to helping run a $1,000/hour call-girl ring founded by the “King of all Pimps.” Which makes him even more of one of New Jersey’s finest.  []

• As you’re bitterly putting your next law school loan payment in the mail wishing you had chosen B-school instead, realize that you maybe shouldn’t have chosen either.  B-schools are disappointing America—the entire damn country.  That whole leadership-training selling point just isn’t happening, having an M.B.A. doesn’t necessarily get your paid any better, and “an M.B.A. from a ranking school [does] not correlate to higher performance at the firm level versus having such a degree from a lower-ranked school.” Oh, plus you’re likely to be a cheater, and CEOs who aren’t bogged down with all those pesky J.D. or M.B.A. letters after their name have “slightly better risk-adjusted market performance.” Cha-ching!  []

• Law is a niche world.  (Is bitter a niche?) So a gang of hog-riding bikers in Los Angeles are out to be the leaders of the pack in representing fellow bikers who’ve been “catapulted to the pavement themselves by inattentive drivers.” Because it’s not their fault that they whiz by outside of lanes without warning, fly between traffic at breakneck speeds and generally freak drivers the hell out.  But I may be projecting.  [Los Angeles Times]

• Chicago’s Seyfarth Shaw wants to put it all on out on the table.  Profits will be dismal—down five to seven percent—so please feel better about being laid off.  Thanks.  [Chicago Tribune]

• Ayelet Waldman, Harvard-educated lawyer, adjunct professor at UC Berkeley Law School, author, “Bad Mother” to four and “good husband banger” to novelist Michael Chabon is giving the ultimate gift just in time for Mother’s Day—her new book about how crappy she is at raising babies.  But how good she is at baby making.  [Gawker]

• The Supreme Court would like to turn your attention back to Janet Jackson’s breasts for a little while.  SCOTUS wants a lower court to reconsider fining CBS $550,000 for Janet’s wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl because it’s inconsistent with a ruling they made last week against one-time uses of expletives.  I think in the future we should all just vow to take Justin Timberlake at his word when he plainly states, “I’m going to have you naked by the end of this song.” Lesson learned.  Let’s move on. [USA Today]

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