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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom fit for even a Bel-Air deal-making legal baller like Peter Nelson:

• There are some size-conscious aspects of life that will never experience a “small is the new big” preference trend.  (Your 4 will never be the new Tommy Lee—sorry.) But it’s becoming the case in legal practice.  To the “entitled” BigLaw masses displeasure, regional firms and law schools that own their niche and hone their skills are making the non-elite something to admire.  And by “skills,” we definitely mean “motion of the ocean.” [Legal Writing Prof Blog]

• Jeanne McManus 4 SCOTUS justice!  Jeanne McManus 4 SCOTUS justice!  [The Washington Post]

• April law firm layoffs dropped 70% compared to March, the lowest month so far for 2009 with 1,148 lawyers and staffers shown the door.  That’s consistent with the 539,000 jobs cut overall in the U.S. for April, also the lowest number in as many months.  Which means the recession is over.  Hooray!  [Associated Press]

• The top five lawyers in all of movie history…….maybe. Your cousin is on the list.  But then again, so is Richard Gere who gave lawyers jazz hands.  Can you handle the truth? [Yodle Local]

• Speaking of A Few Good Men—to our ol’ boy from today’s “Bageled” abuse piece—if Rees Morrison would have seen you take a carb wheel and schmear to the noggin, he would’ve called that partner out on his patronizing disparagement and gone “code red” on his ass.  Don’t let that approachable smile in his picture fool you, R. “Jessep” Morr’s got guns.  You want him on that wall.  You need him on that wall.  [Law Department Management Blog]

• Law schools that charge top dollar to mold students into future lawyers who have impeccable accuracy over small matters enough to earn $160,000/year $145,000/year at major firms can’t seems to get something as simple their own data reporting right.  Several schools screwed the pooch a bit when it came to giving U.S. News proper figures for this year’s rankings.  Brooklyn Law School only delivered “full-time entering class admission data for the LSAT, undergraduate grade-point average, and applications and acceptances instead of the requested data combining full-time and part-time students for those same variables.” And it will all come out in the wash when the ABA Annual Questionnaire hits the interweb on May 22.  [U.S. News & World Report]

• When you think of something fascinating, exotic, international and thrusting, you immediately think of derivatives law, right?  Everyone who’s anyone now has the hunger to decipher the economic crisis and regulatory overhaul.  Stanford will offer a class in it for the first time next year—bumming the Law & Culture in American Film professor out to no end.  [Reuters]

• London’s calling, and it’s saying that going to law school is quite optional.  A one-year GDL degree is just as effective considering the “remaining two years of a law degree are, strictly speaking, not significant professionally.” Just ask Tracy DaCosta, a legal executive, who’s the first partner ever at a firm.  [Times Online]

• A photo is worth a thousand words and, according to Mark Geragos, a tainted jury pool. Any potential juror that saw the TMZ version of how Chris Brown allegedly tainted Rihanna’s face may be biased.  [Los Angeles Times]

• What’s even crappier than lawyer “econo-cide?” Lawyer homicide.  Knock it off, people.  It’s not funny.  []

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