Bitter News, 6-1-09

Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, which are gross and hardly germane to a legal blog:

• Nothing publicizes unauthorized written works like a legal scuffle.  The Catcher in the Rye eccentric author, Jerome David “JD” Salinger (yep, still alive), had a lawyer consultation regarding John David “JD” California’s pending Catcher sequel.  How can I explain this better?  It’s kind of like how Ozzy Osbourne is suing because he doesn’t want anyone else ruining the Black Sabbath name. Capiche?  [Telegraph]

—Update 6/2: Salinger filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the sequel author today. [AP]
—Does Salinger stand a chance?  A copyright lawyer weighs in.  [WSJ Law Blog]

• Despite laying off 79 staff members (extinctsayswhat) on Friday, Weil Gotshal isn’t hurting for business.  It’s key piece of billable time kicked in today with GM filing the third-largest U.S. bankruptcy ever.  I’m sure everything is in good hands[Reuters]

• You’re out of work.  Abused by the BigLaw system.  You still got some punch in you.  The economy is expecting an anemic recovery by 2011.  Start a law firm.  What could go wrong? [Law and More]

• Here’s something that’s likely never been written in your law school’s newspaper: Law grad nominated to be next Supreme Court justice.  Hoping not to pull a Susan Boyle as she prepares for her confirmation hearings, Sotomayor (which is Spanish for “Chief Justice immunizer”) may or may not be bitter now, but she likely will be bitter by the end.  Most of her former clerks have her back.  But if you’re a naysayer anyway, here are a couple highly credible reasons why she’s never going to get confirmed anyway.  [Yale Daily News]

• What do federal prosecutors like to do on the weekends?  Go shopping!  For a judge!  At least that’s what lawyers for John (Junior) Gotti are accusing Manhattan feds of doing.  [New York Daily News]

Phone: Ring, ring.  Machine: College rulz.  Leave a message.  Message: Hey, Ben, this is the Associated Press calling.  We were just wondering if it’s true that you gave Spencer, your dorm roommate, a verbal and physical beat down because his dad, Marc Dreier, was arrested for being a $400 million fraud.  You know he’s really pissed, right?  Totally thinks he can get $1 million for it.  Anyway, we’d love for you to call us back.  Dying to hear.  Thanks!  [[Associated Press]

• How about Louisiana College, the University of North Texas at Dallas and all the other institutions that think opening a new law school is a great business model get together and form one giant JD program that the world doesn’t need.  [The National Law Journal]

• A Harvard Law School grad made a baby!  Singer and Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson is pregnant by fiancé David Otunga—who following HLS appeared on VH1’s high-class I Love New York 2 and is now pursuing a career as a professional wrestler.  Recession, I guess.  []

• Who wouldn’t want to make “listening to clients” a priority if all they ever tell you is that you’re doing a great job? (Final question of interview) []

• You know what?  The lawyer/president died in 1865.  Go ahead.  Take a risk.  Make you mind up about Lincoln already, everybody.  You have my permission.  [The News-Courier]

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