Bitter News, 6-24-09

Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom—and for the record, this is not an advertisement for marijuana: 

• Things to investigate before dropping $38K on an online law degree: Will you be allowed to take the bar and actually be a lawyer after receiving it?  You get what you pay for much?  [Boston Herald]

• Gerald Posner says he’ll see your “Cravath Sweat Shop” and raise you a “Is Obama Protecting the Terrorism-funding Saudis?” Lawyers for 9/11 victims’ families are discovering evidence that reveal extensive Saudi financial support of Al Qaeda.  Dun, dun, dunnn.  [The Daily Beast]

Top Obama lawyer and new Compensation Czar, Kenneth Feinberg, is being a “special master” and reviewing compensation at companies that received government funds—like Citigroup, who plan to raise salaries by as much as 50%.  Czar you serious?  [Bloomberg]

• Celebs are going through the Big D (and I don’t mean Dallas), and it’s anything but a private matter.  Why-is-she-a-celebrity Kate Gosselin picked herself a legal eagle to help cut her marriage to loser husband, Jon. Meanwhile, Tameka Raymond (AKA soon-to-be ex-wife of R&B singer Usher) who’s been accusing her estranged husband of a smear campaign has been doing a smear campaign of her own—against her high-profile divorce lawyer, Randall Kessler.  She fired him.  Via Twitter.  In a tweet conversation with Star Jones.  It’s like the plot of a Tyler Perry movie[Legal Blog Watch]

Depending on how you look at it, MLB Players Association chief Donald Fehr is taking his Missouri-Kansas City Law School diploma and retiring, leaving quite a legacy.  Willing to step in and replace him is Michael Weiner.  The “dogmatic” Harvard Law grad/former District Court Judge H. Lee Sarokin clerk who adds a dash of humor to job. “I’ve always believed that humor has a place in almost any setting,” Sarokin, now retired in Southern California, said in a telephone interview. “It shows the lawyers and litigants that you’re a human being. It engenders respect and, frankly, affection. Winners always love you — how the losers think of you is the mark of a good judge. If some of that rubbed off on Michael, I’d be very proud.” [The New York Times]

• There’s a misunderstanding with the whole trend of walking with swagger / swaggah / swagga / swag—it doesn’t even matter which one because they’ve all been misused in this situation.  Tip: Don’t swagger and pretend to be a drunk man when you’re representing a cop in a drunk-driving case.  Least of all in front of the judge trying the case.  [Australian Broadcasting Company]

• Speaking of swag: You’re not getting any this year Summer Associates.  Get used to it!  The wake up call of spending your second summer as a clerk in BigLaw.  All of last year’s angle fish have morphed into hammerheads, and you’re spending a lot more time treading water in the shark tank that you ever imagined. “But for all you summers who thought you were recession proof? FORGETABOUTIT.” [The Life of a Burgeoning Professional]

• The 20 best iPhone aps for busy, busy lawyers.  (If you even have time to read it.) [The Mac Lawyer]

• It’s rare that you see the elite of Harvard organizing bread-and-roses-style protests to save their jobs.  Faculty and staff layoffs across Harvard staff have begun, starting with 12 employees at the law school. Employees are feeling entitled (entitled? From Harvard? Please.), pissed and are riding the uncertain Crimson wave.  [The Boston Globe]

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