Bitter News, 6-25-09

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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, and the secret is out—they’re offensive like Brϋno:

• Larry Wilder, the Indiana lawyer who was found asleep headfirst in a neighbor’s trash can after a night of drinking, has resigned as the Jeffersonville City Council’s attorney.  He said he’s not angry with whoever leaked the photo that ended this phase of his career (for an action that would be darling and hilarious in a movie comedy), but he just wants the person who did it to step forward.  Guess Lar’s just into IP law and wants to make sure he’s attributed correctly.  [Chicago Tribune]

• “The FBI has arrested an Internet blogger from New Jersey on charges of threatening three prominent Chicago judges who authored an anti-gun rights ruling this month.” He was ticked about the judges’ decision, so he posted all their contact information and said they deserved to be murdered.  [Chicago Sun-Times]

• Also wild and out in New Jersey—because it’s easier to point these people out individually rather than assume by watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey they’re all sex tapes and table-throwing dinner parties crazies—once world-renowned lawyer Edward Fagan has been banned from practicing law in NJ after misappropriating nearly $400,000 in funds he won for Holocaust victims.  []

• Here’s a niche to envisage: Minnesota Cameroonian beauty queens.  How many can there be?  Now lets take a step further: Minnesota Cameroonian beauty queen with a law degree.  Discuss.  [Twin Cities Daily Planet]

• Everyone is getting all mental and psychological on us today.  First, Law Firm 10 goes deep end with her existential take on her career (and David Yurman bracelets), and Kaimipono D. Wenger considers the psychology of dishonesty in law exam taking.  [Concurring Opinions]

• A judge grants three more months to put the pieces together in the Madoff case before restitution for victims is considered.  Even though his lawyers predict he’ll die at in 13 years anyway, so they better get the road on the show.  [Dealbook @ NYT]

• Someone else who still has a few months time to sit pretty in jail is Judge Samuel B. Kent. The Senate began impeachment proceedings against the federal judge on Wednesday, but the next step in a process could take months.  As he earns $14K a month from the big house.  [The Caucus @ NYT]

• Jones Day is collecting a $12.7 million bankruptcy prize from Chrysler.  But White & Case’s Thomas E. Lauria has something to say about it.  [Forbes]

• Genital piercing should send anyone to jail—but on children?  How could that not be sexual assault?  What do you think, judge?  “In this unusual case, the penetration of each child was carried out at the child’s request, and in pursuit of something which might be called a fashion or a fad.” Not what they were hoping you’d say. Nor is it what this kid wanted to hear.  And maybe not her either[Hoyden About Town]

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