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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom with a slight, recession-impacted $145K real estate profit:

The legal world still spins and rust still refuses to sleep, but it doesn’t mean we all don’t stop to engage in one of the biggest swells of popular culture headlines we seen in some time—and its convergence with the law, of course.  The death of Michael Jackson has set the media, Twitter and Facebook into hyperdrive.  (And it’s delivering slightly more interesting topics of which to occupy ourselves than the same “death of BigLaw” mumbo jumbo.)

So, MJ music catalog puns spared, take a slight departure on the loose threads, winners and losers the death of the King of Pop has left behind in the last 24 hours—with House-like mad respect for a wicked, super-successful (750 million albums!) artist. []

Loose Jackson Legal Threads:

• Chief Justice (then Reagan aide) John Roberts wasn’t MJ’s biggest fan. [The Caucus @ NYT]

• Intriguing interview with MJ’s attorney for 16 years, Bob Sanger. [LA Weekly]

• Dead at 50 and supposedly under constant, strict medical care?  Is that the whiff of ripe malpractice I smell?  Family lawyer Brian Oxman alleged that too much pressure and heavy drug dependency killed Michael.  What if the rumors are facts?  [New York Personal Injury Attorney Blog]

• Jackson’s finances are a wreck—maybe as much as $500 million in debt. [WSJ Law Blog | Reuters]

• Those finances are problems for private equity firms such as Fortress Investment Group and Colony Capital as well as big banks such as Citigroup and Bank of America. [Dealbook @ NTY]

• “The Nielsen Media Company is reporting that online talk about the death Michael Jackson is more intense than it was for the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama.” [Baltimore Sun]

The Winners:

• R. Allen Stanford.  The Texas billionaire can pop an Ativan, down a bottle and relax because even though a federal judge dissed his appeal for bond, the media quickly began to care less.  [Dallas Morning News]

• “Jenny and my boys.” Refusing to resign, embattled South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford gets a little media heat off his Argentina-tanned shoulders, shifting him a little further into the politics-and-power-meet-corruption milieu[Washington Post]

• Jon and Kate So Late!  Finally a break from the uninteresting twosome.  They filed their divorce in Montgomery County, a wealthy enclave outside Philadelphia, where divorce filings are automatically placed under seal—which means there (still) isn’t much news anyway.  [AP via]

The Losers:

• Concert promoter AEG.  It will have $85 million in ticket refunds and a $20 million investment hit from the comeback tour scheduled for next year. [Los Angeles Times]

• Savana Redding.  Her Supreme Court 8-to-1 ruling that school officials acted unconstitutionally when they strip searched her at 13-years-old is probably feeling like her hard-fought vindication has dimmed.  Not to mention the other big stuff the SCOTUS did.  [The New York Times]

• Perez Hilton.  (Generally a loser anyway,) all his bemoaning about his lawsuit against The Black Eyed Peas manager who allegedly punched him being drowned out.  BUT, his insinuation that Michael Jackson faked the heart attack to dodge having to perform has lost him considerable fandom.  (So, sort of a win.) [Mashable]

And in loser governor news—who are media winners compared to SC’s Love Gov.:

• Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons wants a federal judge to shield his phone records in his federal lawsuit from a former cocktail waitress who accuses him of accosting her in 2006.  [Huffington Post]

• Patti Blagojevich is back from the jungle just in time.  She only has about a year to gear up to go from one reality show to another. Her husband, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, will have his corruption trial begin on June 3 of next year.  [AHN]

Also in the news:

• And to add a little bit more stink onto Blogo, his backing of the University of Illinois law school’s forced acceptance by the university chancellor of an unqualified student in exchange for jobs was because the student’s relatives dropped a bank of campaign cash on “ex-Gov. Dead Meat.” [Chicago Tribune]

• The slick lawyer of the weekend will be Alec Baldwin.  He plays “a cocky attorney who promotes himself on billboards and TV ads and brags about his 90 percent success rate” in the new movie My Sister’s Keeper.  Or you can see Transformers like everyone else and not be miserably sad your day off.  [Bloomberg]

• Scandalous TV anchor Larry Mendte (pled guilt to cyber-spying on his co-anchor and bikini photo aficionado Alycia Lane) field a 72-page federal motion saying he was promised that he’d be charged with a misdemeanor.  [Philadelphia Daily News]

• Judge Samuel Kent has finally resigned.  [WSJ Law Blog]

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