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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, wishing you a happy Self-Arrest Day!

• Blog wars.  (Once-)anonymous “publius,” who writes at the “Voice of Moderation” blog Obsidian Wings was pulled out of the closet Glambert style, in what’s being called “the first blood of the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation.” Ed Whelan, a legal writer for National Review Online’s “Bench Memos,” published on Saturday the identity of his blog nemesis as law professor John F. Blevins of the South Texas College of Law (who was perhaps best left behind the confident, opinionative pseudonym given his real-life Assistant Professor of Law profile is opened with a Woody Allen quote. I’m just sayin’.) Anyway, it goes back and forth, a brouhaha erupts over the general fairness of “Who is Oz” bloggerific outings, and it goes Gawker.  Apologies are made and accepted, and life goes on.  But, basically, the blogosphere is being ripped apart at its online Madame Bovary seams—and it’s all that bum foot Sotomayor’s fault.  [The Opinionator at The New York Times]

• This is not a set-up for a joke, I swear: “A lawyer, a pastor and the former head of a state agency were among the men caught” in a prostitution sting in Iowa (out of 13 total).  That is fact.  Also fact (and consider yourself warned) is that they got busted via an woman who worked with police.  Also fact is that all three have left/lost their jobs, were all fined and given deferred judgments and die by the Spitzer sword.  [The Des Moines Register]

• “A recent ruling on an obscure, century-old statute has opened the door for people familiar with the finer points of patent law to sue companies that stamp their products with expired patent numbers.” I hardly believe anyone would really do that.  Yeah, right.  Sucks to be Solo Cup.  [AP via Washington Post]

• Guess what industry is giving their products the stamp of success.  Video games.  Doesn’t suck to be Shawn Foust[The Am Law Daily]

• Campus-town lawyers sing this song.  MO, nay.  MO, nay.  So much for keeping up with the rent-thief legal times of the Big 12. [Fox 2]

• SCOTUS is hedging its bets and ignoring a fight between IL horse tracks and casinos.  And what does horse racing, gambling and IL boil down to?  Rod Blago, baby. [Chicago Tribune]

• What the Judges Are Up to Lately:

—Judge Prentis Edwards said “Let ‘er rip” when he refused to spare Tiger Stadium [AP]
—Judge Christine McEvoy fesses up to a booze car cruise.  []

—Judge James Robertson sent the ACLU back the drawing board re: U.S. and torture. [ABC]

—Judge Teresa Sanchez-Gordon approved $4.1 billion in an employee’s backed commission.  [AP]
—U.S. Magistrate Susan Cole wants to put a panther on the loose.  []

—Judge Samuel Groner died.  Groan-er. [Washington Post]

• And in “It’s funny because it’s true” news:

Obama Drastically Scales Back Goals For America After Visiting Denny’s

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