Bitter News, 7-10-09

Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that make you want to freely say “Only God Can Judge Me”:

• No you can’t—at least not in Boston. Artist Shepard Fairey had his “Hope” and legal woes dashed today. Fairley, the artist who created the iconic poster of then-candidate Barack Obama based on a “dramatically changed” Associated Press photo with George Clooney, plead guilty, apologized and banned himself from Boston in response to vandalism charges.  [The Boston Globe]

• Rod Blagojevich’s attorney, Samuel Adam, is either doing all he can to earn his cut-rate $110/hour, or he’s lashing out because of it.  He’s all ticked off and yelling at former chief of staff John Harris for pleading guilty and planning to testify against Rod for a reduced sentence.  [Chicago Sun Times]

• “Cheers, love.  How was my favorite barrister’s day in London court?”

“It actually was a terrible day. An accountant facing a big prison sentence got pissed and dumped hydrochloric acid all over me and the other lawyers.  And it’s one thing that he burned the hell out of all of us, but he also ruined the varnish on all the oak paneling!  No respect.” [Mail Online]

• In other, less-toxic legal news from across the pond, Prince William has become an honorary, non-practicing barrister.  [Times Online]

• Meet the founding members of the Camara & Sibley law firm.  Following his Ph.D from Stanford, Camara graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law at 19 years young. Sibley is an Army Ranger who loves pain and war.  Together, they’re most famous for losing a case last month against their client, Jammie Thomas-Rasset, in her high-profile fight against copyright infringement charges for illegally downloading music. She’s now trying to dig her way out of a $1.9 million judgment.  I think they’re the real-life version of a short-lived Don Johnson show. Just Legal anyone?  [CNET News]

• Thinking you’re all out of love and might be close to ready to dump the spouse?  (Can I get an “Amen!” Gov. Sanford, Jon Gosselin?) Don’t think about it too long.  Just do it.  Divorce attorneys are encouraging you ditch the hitch while the economy has rendered you worth considerably less.  [Tamba Bay Online]

• Speaking of cutting bait, the resignation of Governor Sarah Palin last week may have cut her free to be a fisherwoman, but it put a lot of greedy Alaska lawyers on dry land because they were banking on collecting at least another $190,000 in legal fees had she completed her full term.  (That’s in addition to her current $500,000 tab accrued in her defense against ethics charges.) They’re pissed—and now they’re all floundering to hopefully be kept on retainer.  But the money is exactly why she’s leaving, per her daughter’s baby daddy.  Watch fame-hungry Levi be the first to sell her out right here.  [The Framingham Tab]

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    With friends like Levi, Sarah doesn’t need enemies.