Bitter News, 7-14-09

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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that got legs—hot legs—the hottest legs of all time:

• Today we celebrate France for Bastille Day, but we also celebrate the great debt of Italy for more lawsuit drama at Dolce & Gabbana.  (I KNOW!  Getting busted is so in vogue.) Ali Wise, the company’s American publicist, was arrested last week and is facing felony charges of eavesdropping and computer trespass for hacking into a designer’s voicemail. We heard from Gawker who heard from someone who heard this story and reported it that now Wise’s lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, is telling Women’s Wear Daily (I know, it really is that good) that her use of a Spoofcard (and perhaps something that should have been included in today’s “Eight Ways to Not Get Caught” list) was not illegal.  She’s done nothing wrong.  Pshaw!  []

• It’s official and confirmed by the AP: Lawyer Ron has been euthanized.  He retired last year and had earned nearly $2.8 million.  His record was 12 and 26.  He was an award winner, a rising star and a total stud.  He was also a racehorse.  [Associated Press]

• What’s blue on Monday, red on Tuesday and boring all over?  Sotomayor and her confirmation to the snooze court.  Thank God for the outbursts.  There’s a slow-growing list of semi-interesting moments, and today had some heavier questions and the “wise Latina” thing., but it was still boring as hell. [Associated Press]

• “Disgraced lawyer Marc Dreier was sentenced Monday to 20 years in prison after admitting in May to a scheme to sell $700 million in fake promissory notes and to steal client funds.” It’s left him bankrupt.  And here are the gory details. 3,000 square-foot Manhattan condominium auction! [Wall Street Journal]

• “A lawyer in southern China is suing a judge who ordered him handcuffed to a basketball pole after he refused to sign court documents.” The cheese stands alone.  I can’t compete with that.  [Associated Press]

• How did we miss “The Midsize Hot List” back in June?  Probably because it sounds hotter than it really is.  It’s the 20 law firms demonstrate exemplary innovation, and McKool is, ironically, one of the hottest.  [PR Newswire]

• A federal appeals court last week revived a lawsuit challenging the policy under which graduates of law schools in Wisconsin need not take the state’s bar exam to practice law.  So Marquette and U of WI grads have a ninth-worst practice without sitting for the bar.  Good to know.  [Inside Higher Ed]

• The job market of the future?  Where to get a job?  Healthcare.  Just sayin’.  [The Atlantic]

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