Bitter News, 7-20-09

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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that will knock you up and give you and STD like George Bush:

• “The Zodiac killer was a well-traveled merchant seaman who privately confessed his crimes to a San Francisco lawyer more than 30 years ago.” Robert Tarbox, an 82-year-old former maritime lawyer, says the killer was his walk-in client in the 1970s—and he isn’t the suspect identified in the 2007 film Zodiac.  Old Tarbox, though, is keeping with client confidentiality and still refusing to release the name.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

• Blowing the lid off law firm layoffs, and the blawgs pulling law firms’ pants down.  [Wall Street Journal]

• Think you’re going to serve papers to attorney Ralph Gibson Pagter Jr.?  He’s got a “large hunting knift” that says you don’t.  Well, he used to anyway—he got arrest for trying to stab a server of civil court papers.  [OC Register]

• A nose for embezzled wealth: Paul, Weiss lawyer Mark F. Pomerantz investigated the assets of “emperor” Marc Dreier and sniffed out the trail to yachts, houses, art and other rich-guy stuff to repay victims. Wonder if he took the same discounted rate of $510/hour that attorneys accepted to liquidate Madoff[The New York Times]

• Law firms are hiring, but mostly firing.  So what’s a JD to do for work?  You best get a little bit creative.  Be an FBI agent.  Why not?  [College Crunch]

• Summer bar takers, relax.  How to be below average at a useless law school in a useless state and still pass the useless bar exam.  Bottoms up.  [Useless Dictca]

• The dark, legal underbelly of the comic strip world.  Former lawyer and Pearls Before Swine creator (and BL interviewee) Stephan Pastis might be going Hägar the Horrible on The Family Circus creator Jeff Keane.  “Boot!” “Pow!” “Bam!” [Pearls Before Swine Blog]

Want to date a partner?  Try some happy hour camaraderie on for size.  That’ll get the interpersonal relationship juices flowing.  [Washington Post]

• It will be a real-life sequel to My Cousin Vinny when the lawyer who represents Vinny Gorgeous will be….Vinny Gorgeous.  The mobster might be play counsel in his own death penalty murder trial.  Which is an offer the judge shouldn’t refuse considering his defense until this point has been paid with tax dollars to the tune of $1.7 million.  [New York Daily News]

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