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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom to competitively stuff your face with in world-record time:

• Erin Andrews has lawyers in a tizzy—and this time it doesn’t relate to Law Firm 10.  An online firestorm is ablaze over a stalker’s alleged video of the announcer naked in a hotel room.  It’s put blog Deadspin and news outlets (see video at bottom) in the hot seat for promoting the video, and it’s even grown some serious guilt complexes.  Her lawyer means business, ESPN lawyers are supposedly in the mix, it’s been crickets on the sports net, and the case against the peeping video tom is mounting.  Wanna see it?  Be careful.  [The Philadelphia Inquirer | Deadspin]

• Bitter Lawyer is not sponsored by Steven Bochco, I swear.  While his current show, Raising the Bar, is front and center on our homepage today, his older work has taken the top spot in the August edition of the ABA Journal.  They have declared Bocho’s L.A. Law as the #1 legal show of all time. Perry Mason came in a tight second—a high ranking some feel was influenced by Judge Sotomayor’s professed love for the show.  [ABA Journal]

Rounding out the top five:

1. L.A. Law

2. Perry Mason

3. The Defenders

4. Law & Order

5. The Practice

• “Man kicks lawyer’s chair at hearing.” You’re damn right he did.  []

• Five House lawmakers are supposedly under investigation by the House Ethics Committee.  A peak into their legal fees.  [Roll Call]

• Loyola Law School dropped in this year’s U.S. News rankings from #63 to #71.  (Something we never really got to the bottom of with the school’s rankings expert, Professor Theodore Seto, when we spoke to him a few months ago.) Partially to blame is the supposed confused created when the magazine changed the name of the school on the ballot to Loyola Marymount University.  But it seems the Dean has been notified that the magazine will return the name to Loyola Law School, Los Angeles next year—but on the ballot only.  [Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports]

• Being arraigned today is divorce attorney Steven Liss.  He was arrested on four counts of solicitation to commit murder, false imprisonment and spousal battery.  Yep, the divorce lawyer wanted to off his wife.  [Los Angeles Times Blogs]

• It’s not just the corporate firms that are axing down their headcounts.  The trigger finger to kill lawyers off the payroll is seeping into government offices as well. The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is cutting 12 attorneys and 17 support staff.  At the same time, the DOJ’s attorney operations are fleeing DC and heading to SC.  [Phoenix Business Journal]

• The new golden rule: Do onto digital as you would do onto hard copy. Amazon may be forced to live by that now that a law firm is suing them for deleting George Orwell books from users’ Kindles. Attorney Jay Edelson of the law firm KamberEdelson argues that Amazon should only be able to handle digital books the same way they would the hard copies they mail. It’s the new deal with digital consumer property rights.  [Online Media Daily]

• And the Kindle is just the tip of the tech iceberg.  Here’s how to add a little IT swagger to your law firm and how the mid-size boutique firms are really the league leaders.  []

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