Bitter News, 7-22-09

Short, sweet and sideswept headlines from the Bitter Newsroom—just like Michelle’s new ‘do:

• The pot is being stirred again as to whether President Obama had his Harvard Law School bills supplemented by “radical Islamic influences.” WND claims to have asked the White House to release the President’s law school records to resolve the issue, but they’re being snubbed. Daily Kos, who calls WND “WorldNutDaily,” says the site is publishing an “incredibly misleading” story and that Obama left Harvard with more than $42,000 in debt. And let’s not even get started with The Birthers and where the Prez was born.  We at least have documentation on that one.  Man-o-man.  [WorldNetDaily]

• A new study says that “more than 75 percent of female minority attorneys at U.S. law firms will leave their jobs within five years due to continuing barriers to advancement.” Apparently women of color experience a perfect storm of no growth opportunities, stereotyping, sexism and social exclusion in firms.  And if it’s suspected that Islamic terrorists paid for their law school, it’s infinity worse for them.  [Chicago Sun-Times]

• Lots of minority issues are surging through America right now, mainly about Gates’ arrest.  [Update 7/23: Even Obama is commenting on it.] And one wonders, regardless of race, why a presumed-intelligent Harvard professor like Henry Louis Gates, Jr. didn’t react like a “wise person” by automatically (a) ceasing and (b) desisting when law enforcement showed up?  Notwithstanding, charges have been dropped against Gates, and it was hopefully exciting for Charles Ogletree while it lasted.  [Washington Post]

• “Warning: Consuming hot dogs and other processed meats increases the risk of cancer.” There’s a lawsuit trying to get that epitaph posted onto your favorite processed-meat items.  The news was enough to make Oscar Mayer crash their precious Wienermobile, which PETA says is full of “cholesterol and bits of pigs’ noses” anyway.  [Los Angeles Times]

• A partner fired for not billing enough hours is firing back.  [New York Law Journal]

• Private detectives hired by Deutsche Bank AG tried to place an intern at a law firm to gather information about a businessman they represented.  Which has everyone asking, “Who do I have to spy on to get a job at a law firm?” [Bloomberg]

• How about a quick “Bitter Lawyer Celeb (and Pseudo-Celeb) Legal Beat?”

George Lazenby, the least-known 007 who played “Bond” in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, is suing his more-lucrative wife, tennis player Pamela Shriver, to have their pre-nup agreement voided so he can collect enough to afford an equal lifestyle.  He thinks their kids will then take him more seriously.  (They are four- and five-year-old kids who have a 69-year-old dad who peaked in 1969—is demanding $16K/month from their mother going to convince them he’s the real deal?) Let’s visit dominatrix and Playboy-posing lawyer Corri Fetman for her take on the situation (and her less-than-ironic use of a “Pussy Galore” reference).  [Love Lawyer]

—Dan Rather was granted a reinstatement to a fraud claim in his $70 million breach of contract suit against CBS for allegedly firing him after running a story about then-President Bush’s military service.  He’s “rather” serious about this situation and definitely no cut-up like Walter Cronkite. [Wall Street Journal]

—Prosecutors determined that 24‘s Kiefer Sutherland’s headbutt incident wasn’t enough to constitute a violation of his parole.  [Reuters]

—Actor Stephen Baldwin, best known for being related to Alec Baldwin, filed for Chapter 11 because he’s in more debt than even Keyser Söze can help him with.  [Reuters]

—Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger will not be investigated for allegedly sexually assaulting a hotel concierge.  Which, if you make a giant, poorly directed mental leap, Ben could be compared to Fatty Arbuckle.  But, no, he really can’t.  [Washington Post]

—Sure, we’ll put her in the celeb category: “Outgoing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is rejecting allegations she broke state ethics laws by letting supporters set up a legal defense fund for her.” [CNN]

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