Bitter News, 7-24-09

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Salty headlines from the Bitter Newsroom with more milligrams of sodium than a Denny’s menu:

• Dundas and Wilson, a U.K. law firm, took a warm-and-fuzzy approach to handling a lag in biz: They put cutback possibilities to a vote.  And the firm voted 98% in favor of everyone taking a 10% pay slash.  And they’re all just as happy as pigs in slop about it.  Cheers!  [BBC News]

• Speaking of votes, Judge Sotomayor doesn’t have Sen. Cornyn’s or Sen. Hatch’s [CNN]

Stress about the bar exam all you want.  Is there a job waiting for you after you take it?  That’s when the real stress begins.  [Minnesota Lawyer]

• It seems a little late to ask, seeing as the U.S. News law school rankings came out months ago, but the man behind the methodology, Bob Morse, is finally pontificating whether law schools report their data honestly.  [U.S. News & World Report]

• “Detainees facing charges at Guantanamo Bay enjoy access to extensive, high-value legal representation.” Five co-conspirators in the 9/11 attacks had 26 lawyers at the defendant-attorney benches July 16 during their first hearing.  Which seems to be a misery-loves-company scenario given that a new study found that since September 2001, 91% of U.S. terrorism trials have resulted in convictions.  [The Vancouver Sun]

• Henry Louis Gates + Cambridge, MA Poe-Poe Dept. + Alternative Dispute Resolution = Harmony? [WSJ Law Blog]

• For the most part, our two-part interview (Part 1, Part 2) with Elizabeth Wurtzel has been well received, and she seems to have impressed readers with her insights and candor.  Well, except for Gawker—shocker.  We opened Part 1 by contextualizing Wurtzel as the Prozac Nation author-cum-Boies, Shiller associate who bares the brunt of bloggers, particularly at Gawker, who delight in her missteps and seem enraged when she succeeds.  So they attempted to call her to the carpet yesterday for “breaking the law by calling herself a lawyer.” I think she could best take from the words of Mr. 162: “I own my legacy and enjoy my life.  The rest of you are nothing but haters.” [Gawker]

• The new law school at University of California-Irvine hasn’t even ushered in its pilot class yet and already there are calls to kill it.  It’s “not necessary.” The broke-ass state “can’t afford” it.  Even though Erwin has been working his nuggs off!  And it’s supposed to be the new Harvard, right?!  Tough crowd. []

• Former UCLA hooper Ed O’Bannon is the only named plaintiff in a class-action antitrust lawsuit on behalf of former college men’s basketball and football players against the NCAA for the use of players’ images and likenesses in video content, photographs and other memorabilia.  Meanwhile, I think Michael Vick and Allen Iverson wish their images and likenesses were a little less conspicuous this week—Vick’s lawyer has been denying that his client spent “his first night of freedom [with Iverson] at a Virginia Beach strip club.” [USA Today]

[Update 7/27: “3 lawsuits may change how NCAA operates”]

• Five rules for law school orientation.  Check your threads, hormones, ego, social skills and booze tolerance before you wreck yourself.  Unless you’re this guy… [No. 634]

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