Bitter News, 7-27-09

Bitter Newsroom headlines from the plaid sheep who corrects women on the verge:

• Does the Terminator have clout with the state bar?  After a “ridiculous snafu” of paying with a check instead of a credit card, “California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Saturday called on the state bar to overlook a technical error and allow a paralyzed law school graduate to take the bar exam [tomorrow].” [CNN]

• And a 5-6, 5-6-7-8….it’s Blago’s judge!  And he’s going to make Roddy boy realize he’s “bastard people” and tell him to go home and bite his pillow. [Associated Press]

• Call off the hounds.  Missing lawyer Chad Lee has been found.  At the beach.  He just needed a little sun-and-sand vacation like Governor Sanford.  You know, to get away from his dozens of felony obstructing justice charges.  [News & Observer]

• Being a lawyer in the US is hard enough, but working in the law in other lands has its own set of problems.  We all know that being a lawyer in China comes with particular challenges that can get you disbarred or handcuffed to poles, but elsewhere:

—Gaza’s top judge made a hairy order that female lawyers must wear headscarves in court.  [AP]
—And when you’re gruesomely murdered inside a law firm in India, your life can be as insignificantly noted as “office boy.” [Times of India]

• Now that the 9-1-1 call reporting a possible break in at Gates’ home is out for those to hear, will it put the race issue to rest?  Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., a “black graduate of Harvard Law,” who “took issue with the President and Prof. Henry Gates for whining about what he called ‘a non-issue’” says he lived and practiced in Cambridge for 23 years and was never mistreated by police.  If that helps at all.  [ | Earned Media]

• Speaking of Harvard, the daughter one of the school’s deans was having a hard time putting her Vermont Law School degree to work, so she became a waitress, creating a “road map for young lawyers seeking to navigate the obstacle course of the current recession-wracked legal market.” []

• Did the Supreme Court possibly help out those on trial for DUI arrests?  SCOTUS ruled that lab reports are considered a witnesses for the prosecution—and the Sixth Amendment says defendants have a right to “be confronted with the witnesses against him.” So that means a crime lab technician needs to be available to testify at each trial, meaning an unavailable supply of techs overwhelmed by demand may let offenders off the hook.  [Chicago Tribune]

• Sticky wickets!  It’s time for the Lawyers’ World Cup of cricket: 12 teams of lawyers from around the world contesting in a tournament, which culminates in a final on August 4.  Yep, that seriously exists.  [The Times Online]

• A St. Louis judge says a ticket he got from a red-light camera violates his constitutional rights, and he wants a jury trial. Hopefully he can take care of this issue for the rest of us.  Til then, I’ll just avoid the mail.  [Columbia Missourian]

• Reno lawyer Calvin R.X. Dunlap is more than just another lawyer with nonsensical middle initials in his name.  He is the attorney who filed a lawsuit claiming that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger raped a Harrah’s worker.  But he’s not fazed by Ben’s glitzy, high-priced counsel which is well-paid to make him seem as precious as Tim Tebow. []

• Alex Barnett left the law to be a stand-up comedian.  And he takes writing about it very seriously.  [New York Daily News]

• Law school interns at the Brooklyn district attorney’s office are mighty in numbers and short a few chairs, so they’re hoping for a little help from the city of Blaine to be working, building, never stopping, never sleeping…and shipping to 350 Jay Street.  [The New York Times]

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