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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom as patriotic as Sarah Palin, E.O. Wilson and TV marathons:

A good holiday weekend to all, and we’ll see you back here with regular posts on Monday.

• Here’s a feel-good story for the fourth of July—and it even involves Cooley Law School.  Maj. Miles Gengler, a 35-year-old Army reservist stationed in Baghdad, Iraq, videoconferenced into Michigan from 6,300 miles away to be sworn in as a lawyer after graduating top in his class from Cooley in January.  [Detroit Free Press]

• Bow-chica-wow-wow!  “Police investigating a prostitution ring in Chester County relied on two customers for information, one of whom was Mark A. Sargent—dean of Villanova University School of Law.” [NBC Philadelphia]

• Let’s get serious here for a moment—the midway point in a fast and loose year of law firm layoffs.  Nothing says “enjoy the holiday” quite like Layoff Tracker.  And now there is a six-month macabre collection of bar graphs, pie charts and venn diagrams showing the state of the BigLaw union in 2009.  And this is just enough of a tease to rip the roof off this joint… [Law Shucks]

U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan left layoffs in her wake when she hightailed it from Harvard to DC.  [WSJ Blogs]

• A juror in a sexual assault case was such a flirty lothario that he has the defendant’s counsel seeking a retrial.  The juror pleaded the fifth—kiss, kiss.  [Associated Press]

• We have an onslaught of stories involving government workers, porn and computers.  “A state appeals court ruled yesterday that former Assemblyman Neil Cohen’s lawyer is entitled to see the child pornography Cohen allegedly viewed on his legislative office computer.” []

• And California federal judge Alex Kozinski was admonished by a panel of his colleagues for posting sexually explicit material on his website, which was a publicly accessible Internet server. Even thought the judges sited him for “exhibiting poor judgment … [that] created a public controversy that can reasonably be seen as having resulted in embarrassment to the federal judiciary,” he was let off the hook since he was apologetic and took action.  I’m sure the conclusion was a mooo-ving moment for him and the flower of his heart.  [Associated Press]

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  • Larry

    That sexual stuff can get you in trouble.  You wonder why people don’t learn, computer sex and photos are a no no.

    Interesting presentation!