Bitter News, 7-31-09

Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom as amusing as Ben Still’s “Red Hour” video parody:

• Women in the legal profession face a considerable amount of stress—and amounting press and blog coverage splashed across newspapers and the Internet can’t be helping.  The public relations issue aside, how bad is really it for female attorneys? We explore… [Times Online]

—This week it was determined that Catherine Bailey, a top attorney and mother of three in England, committed suicide when she drowned in the River Thames last January.

—In lighter context, we’ve had plenty of posts on Bitter Lawyer about the girl-on-girl crime and suck/hate relationship between women attorneys and how they react to their own gender in the workplace.  Not to mention Elizabeth Wurtzel’s embarrassment she feels for the number of women that “opt out” of the profession. 

—Where’s the girl power? One report determined that “the reason women were underachieving in the workplace was because they weren’t receiving enough aspirational career advice.”

—Maternal conflicts, guilt, lack of sex drive, late-in-the-day conferences, sinking desperation, and the success-building years coinciding with the child-bearing years are what distress women lawyers.  No matter how Type A.

—The super-obvious answer and simple cure for this entire issue?  Go virtual.

• Women aren’t the only ones stressing out in law firms.  Partners in Oz are fretting as well.  []

• Gone boutique-ing! World’s largest law firm, DLA Piper, only has 3,593 attorneys now that Ron Schiller quit and took six colleagues and major clients with him.  He was a 25-year litigator and head of DLA’s Philadelphia litigation practice but decided to bump Hangley Aronchick Segal & Pudlin’s headcount up to 57. Schiller said he’s attracted to the “tweak rates” and open-compensation models that lesser-sized law firms afford.  Meanwhile, DLA pretends to be “too big, too well diversified” to even notice.  [Bloomberg]

• A man in Miami was busted for paying a hospital worker $48,000 to obtain medical records that he then turned over to a personal injury lawyer—in exchange for a percentage of the settlements.  Too bad it’s too soon to bust this guy under “Farrah’s Law.” Ms. Fawcett would have loved to go Charlie’s Angles on his ass.  [Miami Herald]

• Is Michael S. Schmidt destroying baseball?  The New York Times writer is getting flack for publishing the player names who tested positive for steroids (Ramirez, Ortiz…), which is information gathered from a number of interviews with lawyers.  What’s Schmidt going to do next?  Use lawyer intel to blow the anorexic lid off world’s most famous supermodels?  [Attytood at]

• It’s loosely legal, but a man didn’t collect $200 when he went to jail and got charged with misdemeanor assault and battery for taking a swipe at a female friend’s face after she refused to sell him Boardwalk and Park Place in a game of Monopoly.  Which, by proportion, was a much less severe than this Boardwalk beatdown.  []

• The birther movement and the NBC (natural born Citizen) craze is in effect—and it’s being led by lawyer Orly Taitz (ironically from the Soviet Union), who is looking for “any weird loophole” to remove Obama from office that can be made up.  Law professors think the whole NBC thing should be repealed from the constitution, but Orly and Stephen are more fun about it.  [WSJ Law Blog]

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