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Americanised headlines from the Bitter Newsroom to share with frenemies on your Reggaeton vlog:

• Legendary doorman. Sometimes actor. Ex-wrestler. Former Bronx assistant district attorney?? Wass Stevens (AKA Mark Wasserman), the ADA-turned-infamous-doorman Guido who’s appeared in movies like World Trade Center and The Wrestler, was arrested yesterday for “allegedly attacking a man with the metal end of a velvet rope outside Avenue in Chelsea.” [NY Post | PopEater]

• Madoff pled guilty to the crimes, and he’ll do the time—without appeal, per his lawyer.  So, it’s 71 with 150 to go.  And also doing some time (without a job) because of Bernie’s Ponzi dealings will be Lori Richards, who resigned as head of the SEC for letting the scheme slip through her widely gapped fingers. Which means lawyer Marc Dreier must really be quaking in his boots.  He’s looking at jail time til 2154, unless Judge Jed Rakoff has mercy on his sorry ass, as requested. [CNN Money]

• More defrauding lawyer news, please, please!!  Okay.  Attorney Marc Bernstein of the Manhattan firm Bernstein & Bernstein was suspended for allegedly looting his clients’ settlement awards to the tune of $2.2 million.  [New York Post]

• It’s a Hard Knock Life for attorney Michael DiMattia.  He’s got $82 million dollars in problems and Jay-Z’s the one…who he claims owes him for unpaid legal fees for defending the rap superstar.  Now he wants out from Shawn Carter’s case.  In Jay-Z’s defense though, he did take a 57% pay cut last year.  Dire straights.  [Hip Hop Galaxy]

• More evidence that the Indian legal market is the forced to be reckoned with for modern lawyers: Thomson Reuters has acquired Indlaw Communications, a Delhi-based legal information company that runs the legal, tax and regulatory information database website  Get invested—it’s more than just Jai Ho[Washington Post]

• Barak Obama.  Catch that, and you’re the Super Bowl MVP. [The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room]

• Guess who doesn’t mind the NY Senate republican/democrat standoff?  The lawyers making $750/hour while it’s going down.  [The Buffalo News]

• Law professors unite in four figures to support their gal, Judge Sonia Sotomayor.  The fun begins as Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing kicks off on Monday at 10 AM.  Blog it to me LIVE!  [SCOTUS Blog]

• Attorneys are being accused of pouring salt in the wounds of a grieving family with their solicitations.  Or as lawyers call it: A day that ends in “y.” []

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