Bitter News, 8-10-09

Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that crack harder than Vanessa Hudgens’ lawyer—and Dane Cook:

• Talk about a gunner! Kate McLaughlin is headed to Northwestern University this fall for law school.  And she just turned 19.  She scored 174 on her LSAT with no real preparation, will pay for it herself, and is a huge idealist who’s big into Prop. 8.  But, she admits, her real passion is creative writing.  “I’m worried I’ll hate law school because it will take up too much of my time on things I’m not interested in.” So maybe she should read this.  And it looks like WSJ Law Blog shares our sentiment: “Why, exactly, is McLaughlin going to law school?” [OC Register]

(News continued below video)

• Speaking of Prop 8—we’ve already talked to writer Elizabeth Wurtzel who is working with David Boies at Boies, Schiller—Mr. Boies said, “thanks, but no thanks” to the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Lambda Legal, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the City of San Francisco in response to their request to stand with them at their federal trial challenging the same-sex marriage ban.  They think their addition would “just delay matters.” [Washington Post]

• Is it a Commander-in-Chief lawyer vs. talking-head pundit lawyer riff?  Or is it a Harvard Law vs. Yale Law thing?  In Ben Stein’s July 11th article in The New York Times, the contributing “lawyer, writer, actor and economist” criticized Obama for doing too much to alleviate the recession. On August 7th, it was announced that Stein had been “stripped of his Sunday New York Times business column because of his work as a pitchman for a credit monitoring company.” Some people think the facts are pretty straightforward.  But Gawker stirs the pot: “Do you buy the cover story about the New York Times firing heroic famous person Ben Stein over a ‘conflict of interest?’ You are so naive. This was a preemptive hit, to protect Barack Obama, our dictator.” Stein responded with, “You can attack Obama from the left at the Times but not from the right.” Is The New York Times limiting free speech?  Or are they well within their journalistic rights?  [Gawker]

• How’s this for a segue?  If you take the setting of a federal lawsuit in California from the Prop 8 story and combine it with the Obama factor from the Ben Stein story, what do you get?  “Obama names four new federal judges for California.” [Los Angeles Times]

• What’s the best 3G network an attorney can use to work with mobility? Ah, should you even care unless you’re getting paid for it?  What is considered overtime—and should you be pissed if you’re not getting paid for all the work you do outside the office?  Blame it on the al-a-a-al-a-a-alcohol BlackBerry.  There are several federal lawsuits pending over the “the blurring of work and free time.” And that addicting tech device you sleep with at night and jones for like crack is to blame.  [Wall Street Journal]

• Sonia isn’t the only one putting female minorities in the legal news.  Phoebe Haddon is the new dean of the University of Maryland School of Law—which comes “79 years after UM denied admission to Thurgood Marshall because he was black, leading Marshall to sue the school on behalf of another black student and setting him on the road to Brown vs. Board of Education.” [The Baltimore Sun]

• Mr. 162 has his version of “Do-It-Yourself American Law.” Other people have theirs.  [Los Angeles Times]

• The “divorce recession” has forced even more attorneys to take up the blawging life in order to try and drum up clients.  [The Boston Globe]

• A few odd legal entanglements:

—A man accused of downloading child pornography blamed his cat for the crime.  [LA Times]

—Man sentenced to six months in jail for letting out an “ill-timed” yawn in court.  [Chicago Tribune]

—“Hero” woman charged with allegedly setting fire to an aggressive man’s genitals at a bar.  [Telegraph]

—Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane pled “not guilty” to beating up a cabbie over $.20.  [Reuters]

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