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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom worth $60 million less than your botched thigh job:

• “Cocaine is more likely to be used in states with heavy concentrations of lawyers.” According to The Atlantic’s analysis of a drug study, which found “a statistical correlation between cocaine use and the number of people in a state employed as lawyers,” the facts are right in front of you.  On a little mirror.  [ABA Journal]

• “Hallelujah!” Indeed.  We finally had a week without law firm layoffs.  [Law Shucks]

• Talk about upsetting the apple cart… Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas) announced Friday that he was resigning from his post as senior policy adviser for DLA Piper.  He was concerned about the negative backlash the firm was experiencing because of protests at healthcare town hall meetings that FreedomWorks, an organization he chairs, has been staging.  Now DLA Piper is being hit from all angles in trying to balance their position on reform both to clients and internally.  [The National Law Journal]

• A straight-laced attorney reliving Woodstock memories.  Kill me now.  [The Post and Courrier]

• A straight-laced attorney who created 2,592 questions for the new Trivial Pursuit The Beatles Collector’s Edition board game?  I’m all over it.  []

• Texas judge Sharon Keller who closed the doors early on a last-minute appeal that could have halted the execution of a death row inmate is looking at a trial of her own.  [The Boston Herald]

• Michael Vick told 60 Minutes this weekend how he cried like a baby in jail because of all the guilt he felt over his past animal cruelty.  Then last year, baseball player/actor Joseph Petcka was on trial for killing Norman, his ex-girlfriend’s orange tabby cat.  And now a pet case could redefine Virginia property law. Buster, a Chihuahua, was Maurice Kevin Smith and paralegal Jeffrey Nanni’s gayby.  Until Smith had to go and allegedly kill it.  Now Nanni’s “emotional distress” has him seeking a “unique value” from Smith as compensation for Buster.  And Nanni, well represented by Orrick partner and former White House counsel Lanny Davis, could make $500 dogs the new treasure if we wins against Smith, who, disproportionately, is representing himself.  [Washington Post]

• Looks like Russell Christoff’s taste of choice is bitter.  Back in June, we mentioned a story about a California face model who was waiting to hear if the California Supereme Court would allow him to keep a $15 million award from Nestlé for using his image on their Taster’s Choice coffee containers without him knowing.  And then today they “reversed a lower court decision ruling that Christoff filed suit outside the statute of limitations for such a claim.” [WSJ Law Blog]

• Yale may be the nation’s #1 law school, but if you want to be filthy rich, the Crimson have the Bulldogs beat.  Harvard wins the top spot in the first-ever ranking of billionaire universities.  The ivy institution has graduated 54 10-figure titans, more than 5% of the world’s billionaires.  [] is joining Proctor & Gamble and a list of other TV advertisers who are pulling their spots from Glenn Beck’s controversial Fox News program.  And Proctor & Gamble may be calling upon when parents file outrageous lawsuits after their daughters are caught buying the company’s newest product in the convenient economy size.  [Washington Times]

• Something else Fox News pundits are debating?  Getting into a good law school can be a challenge, but it’s especially a chore if your didn’t do that hot in undergrad.  At least you didn’t have a grade worse than an “F” on your transcripts.  Canada’s Simon Fraser University has added a grade of “FD” to their grading scales, which is a notch below failing, and it represents being a failure by way of academic dishonesty.  It’s like Cheaters for college.  We’re trying to emulate their healthcare, but should American schools try taking a page from the great north education system as well?  [Calgary Herald]

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