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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom that are known for inspiring Inglourious Bastards:

Forbes released it’s most recent list, “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.” While no female BigLaw attorneys made the list, representing the legal community are Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor (she’s got clerks!), who rank #48 and #54 respectively.  And that’s all well and good; however, some women are pissed that Forbes, a publication that has carved it niche obsessing on wealth, ranks women not by their bank accounts, but by their influence.  “Interesting. In almost every other list, power is measured in dollars and cents. Yet, when it comes to women, the financial component is glossed over entirely.” An interesting argument—especially compared to Forbes’ list from earlier in the year on “Top-Paying Jobs for Women” that tackles the gender salary gap.  (On that list, Lawyers ranked #3, earning 77.5% of men’s wages.) Is it disappointing that our female leaders aren’t leading earners?  For some, it seems to be enough to make a woman cry[]

• Speaking of women in the law, we heard what Working Mother magazine had to say, but what do Yale Law Women think are the most family-friendly firms?  [ABA Journal]

• Man, oh, man.  Richard Hatch, the guy who won the first season of CBS’s reality show Survivor has been in jail for four years for tax evasion and spoke to the media this week claiming he was convicted because a homophobic prosecutor and judge singled him out.  When, in reality, he’s just an asshole?  Well, those interviews got him arrested again because he was on house arrest, and the ACLU is pissed.  (Video at the bottom.) [Associated Press]

• A 20-year-old man claims that his mother and stepfather, “both prominent lawyers,” knew about a drug business he was running but failed to stop it. “However, Kathy Jo Cook, former president of the Women’s Bar Association of Massachusetts, and Timothy Wilton, a professor at Suffolk University Law School, denied the allegations in a statement last night.” Their son, Jonathon Cook, was arrested Friday and faces drug and weapons charges.  Hope he knows a good lawyer.  []

• That’s Mr. BigLaw to you.  On September 2, the Manhattan offices of Hogan & Hartson will be transformed into a set for the new Sex and the City movie sequel.  Partners will have to clean their offices and secretaries will be displaced to make room for character Mr. Big’s new office.  [The Am Law Daily]

• “Texas Judge Sharon Keller today stood by her decision to not keep her court open to accept a last-minute appeal from death row, saying that defense attorneys had ‘all day’ to file and that she would do the same thing again.” Booya!  [USA Today]

• Phoney lawyer Howard Kieffer, who was sentenced last week, really did seem to know what he was talking about—given he “practiced law for years in at least ten different states, specializing in federal criminal defense.” So much that he probably could have taught Law School for Non-Lawyers.  So why didn’t he just take the bar?  Couple reasons for that… [Lowering the Bar]

Are you ready for some football? Legal sports news:

—Emails prove Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger’s innocence, and he should have charges dropped. [AP]
—“The Michael Vick Chronicles: A Football-Heavy Look at Sports and the Law” [The Am Law Daily]

—Lawyers can’t agree on the sale of O.J. Simpson footballs or what to do with proceeds.  [AP]
—Former UCONN bballer Robert Dulin’s lawyer will call a judge testify. []

—Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill waits NFL punishment for his marijuana bust.  []
—Teammates of Mets star David Wright retaliate by murdering Pablo Sandoval. [The Onion]

• The top-10 reasons your firm didn’t make the 2010 Vault 100.  [Litination]

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  • BL1Y

    The reason they didn’t list the 100 wealthiest women is that most extremely rich women are just the widows of extremely rich men.  There’s no interesting story about how they got their money.

  • Bravo

    There is some great stories out there.  Read NYPost for scandals.  Also wait until the money is found that these guys have had hidden in Swiss bank accounts.