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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom 500 times better than a Heidi Montag performance:

• “Skank” David attacking the web Goliath. Outed ‘anonymous’ blogger, Rosemary Port, is intending to file a lawsuit against Google, alleging that the Internet giant had failed to protect her right to privacy.  Google obeyed a court order and disclosed the identity of the woman behind the “Skanks in New York” blog, and now she wants $15 million and hates everyone.  [Times Online]

• Here we go again—picking on the billable hour because it can’t fight back and stand up for itself.  Nonetheless, companies are resisting the by-the-hour billing model.  Top companies, such as Pfizer, that traditionally spend nearly $500 million annually on legal bills have straight-up said, “I have told firms you cannot make your historical profit margins.” Alternative billing: new buzz words to live by.  [Wall Street Journal]

• “A Long Island judge has said she will allow a man accused of punching and kicking his former girlfriend to use the so-called ‘Zoloft defense.’” Zoloft makes you violent apparently.  And Pfizer manufactures the drug.  And as we just mentioned above, Pfizer is only paying flat fees for legal work these days, so have fun with that one, lawyers.  [Newsday]

Update: The judge reiterated a little something about that defense.  [Newsday]

• Do you want to see world chaos?  Are you prepared for a global disruption of apocalyptic proportions?  Legally force Microsoft to stop selling Word.  The universe will tear apart.  []

• Students are headed to law school in bigger numbers due to the economy, and it’s the first day back for a lot of JDs-to-be.  One first day that’s been getting more than its fair share of attention is UC-Invine’s new law school that’s apparently a top-20 school before a professor even goes Socratic on one of the 62 free-riding students.  [89.3 KPCC]

• Truth in law can be as simple as your firm’s letterhead.  If you’re a group of attorneys who would shank a bitch, just say so—right up top.  [The Namby Pamby]

• “The decision to go to law school is very much like Harold and Kumar’s decision to go to White Castle.” Truer words were never spoken.  [My Legal Fiction]

• This fall’s breakout television hit might be a law drama.  CBS’ The Good Wife has ER’s Julianna Margulies and Sex and the City’s Chris Noth starring in a drama about a woman who needs to support her family and is forced to return to being lawyer after her politician husband gets sent to the slammer after a big, embarrassing scandal ala Silda Spitizer or Jenny Stanford.  Which makes you think that Patti Blagojevich must be wishing she had her JD about now.  [The New York Post]

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  • r smith

    “forced” to go back to work? Life is so unfeeling.

  • Sam

    At least she has an educ, many women have to go back and be a file clerk.  Is there file clerks any more?  It use to be the lowest job in an office other than in the mail room.  Thank God I have a job and don’t need a man to support me, but I do like him around and contribute his fair share.