Bitter News, 8-5-09

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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom, so take your trousers off and enjoy National Oyster Day:

• The pathetic gunman who killed three women and himself after opening fire in a Pittsburg fitness center Tuesday has a long history of homicidal thoughts, according to his diary—and he worked in BigLaw, according to his online profiles.  “George Sodini, 48, listed himself as ‘Systems Analyst at K&L Gates’ on the professional networking site Linked In.” In his diary he complained about cutbacks at the firm, though he luckily seemed grateful for his 10 years of employment and wrote that he never planned to shoot up his colleagues.  Video here[Information Week]

The New York Post has lots of blawg-y news hot off the tabloid press:

Goodfellas lawyer Robert Simels told a court to fugetabout his quips to harm witnesses.

—After his prison chat with Madoff, attorney Joseph Cotchett is planning lawsuits against Wall Street.

Trina Thompson is unemployed, so she filed suit against her college demanding a $70K tuition refund.

• In yesterdays’ Bitter Poll (below), we asked if it’s possible to have career and relationship success simultaneously, and about half of you thought it was definitely possible.  One person who would have voted against the majority is Shearman & Sterling partner Stuart Fleischmann.  He billed over 3,000 a year for the last 20 years, and now he’s divorcing his wife of over 30 years—who has now been awarded 10% of Stuart’s law license and 25% of his partnership interest in the firm.  So keep you enemies close and your wives closer.  [New York Law Journal via]

• Lawyers who screwed the pooch and are paying the price: 

—Attorney Frank Russell Wilson blogged about a trial and was suspended for 45 days. [ABA Journal]

—Double-booking trials left lawyer Daniel Ross held in contempt and jailed for three days.  [KC Star]

• Financier R. Allen Stanford, who was charged for being a Diet Madoff and running a piddly little $7 billion Ponzi deal, is asking for access to his funds so he can hire Patton Boggs to represent him.  [Bloomberg]

• Unknown actor Rigg Kennedy sez that now that he’s played Thomas Mesereau, the trial attorney who defended Michael Jackson in his 2005 child molestation trial, his obvious next role should be Hitler.  []

• Harvard Law grad and New York BigLaw vet Daniel Levin has written the Jewish Da Vinci Code.  Meet Robert Langdonstein in The Last Ember[South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

• Attention Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca, Fischer, Gilbert-Lurie, Stiffelman, Cook, Johnson, Lande & Wolf—oh, and I’m looking at you too, Kittredge, Smith, Milbank, Peters, Johnson, Milton, Carter, Green, Steiner, Greene, Jones & Neumann LLP—for social media’s sake, let’s shorten it up a bit.  [The Legal Intelligencer via]

• Nom, nom, nom, nom….  Mmm, stolen lunchmeat.  []

• I know they say age is just a number, but 101 is a pretty damn big number. Granted, the current economy has lawyers working later in life than originally planned, but century-club-plus-a-year attorney Jack Borden is putting Leslie Seldon to shame and still practices law.  He is about to be honored as the “Outstanding Oldest Worker for 2009.” If 91 years of chewing tobacco haven’t killed him, I’m sure that backhanded award will.  [Dallas Morning News]

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