Bitter News, 9-10-09

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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom as racist as selling skin whiteners to an Indian:

• Hamline University law professor Robin Magee has been charged with 11 felony charges of state income-tax evasion, “including failure to pay taxes, failure to file tax returns and filing a false or fraudulent tax return, during the tax years 2004-2007.” Too bad her online Hamline biography says she “concentrated in the area of criminal, entertainment and tax law” while in private practice.  As one tipster put it to us: “She currently teaches Crim Pro…maybe the final will be ‘find a way for me to get out of being arrested.’” []

• “Accuser’s lawyer wants list of every woman Ben Roethlisberger ever had sex with.” Who wouldn’t love to see that epic list?  [USA Today]

• Obama is trying to treat the frivolous malpractice lawsuit disease, but it looks like the symptoms are already stage four.  A $3.8-million industry in 2004, according to a new study, the amount spent on medical malpractice advertisements is now predicted to be a $62-million shebang in 2009.  [Washington Examiner]

• Registers of the online domain are trying to avoid charges of defamation.  Defame Glenn Beck?  As if!  []

• Celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz is the new Ed McMahon[NY Daily News]

• How leisurely getting lost in books like Hiding from Humanity: Disgust, Shame, and the Law can make you a better law student.  [Concurring Opinions]

• Judges rule Thursday headlines—and we’re not just whistling “Sotomayor”.  Here are the top five:

1.  BigMan Judge and Harvard Law alum Chief Justice John Roberts was temped with endless perks in a successful effort to persuade him into appearing at this weekend’s 150th anniversary of the University of Michigan’s Law School.  Law School Dean Evan Caminker dangled 50-yard-line tickets to the Michigan v. Notre Dame football game in a 2007 letter—as well as a $15,000 honorarium the law school insists Roberts refused to accept.  The WSJ Law Blog confirmed with a librarian that Roberts will be attending the game.  No word on if he’ll paint his chest or sneak in a flask.  [The Michigan Daily]

2.  You may not know his name, but trust me—you know his work.  “Denny Chin, a federal district court judge in Manhattan who has been involved in a number of prominent decisions, including the sentencing of Bernard L. Madoff to 150 years in prison for running a huge Ponzi scheme, is expected to be nominated by the White House for a prestigious appellate judgeship in New York.” [The New York Times]

3.  A federal judge in Montana has okayed legal hunting of the once-endangered gray wolf.  Though when one hunter got flooded with “hostile e-mails and phone calls calling him a wolf murderer and a fat redneck,” he maturely replied by saying, “What am I going to do, yell back at them?” Then he maturely went and shot a wolf in the face.  [Los Angeles Times]

4.  A judge called for a jury that’s been deliberating over a week to take a one-day “cooling off” period in a product-liability case involving Merck’s osteoporosis drug Fosamax.  Based on notes they keep passing to the judge and shouting heard coming from the room, apparently they’re disagreeing too much.  On who wants to go home the most.  [CNN Money]

5.  Joining Deidre Dare in the ranks of shit-canned lawyers in Russia: “A Moscow judge has been stripped of her authority by the bar for negligence and lack of professionalism. She erroneously ordered a suspect be set free, mistaking him for another man.” [Russia Today]

• Reminder: Bitter Wanted.  We’re searching for a select number of Bitter Lawyer representatives on law school campuses.  We’re hoping to find a few cool 2Ls or 3Ls at prominent law schools across the country who are fans of the site and would like to help out.  Fun gig without a ton of responsibility.  Those interested can email, putting “Campus Rep” in the subject line.

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  • Lady lawyer

    Wonder how many judges have left the wrong person go free?  Do make that mistake in Mocow.