Bitter News, 9-14-09

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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom as rude to judges as Serena and as venereal-sounding as Clijsters:

• A “powerhouse” New York “highly paid private equity attorney” was sexily scammed by the tangy Tiffany Rasberry (yep, sans “p”) and her crew.  He is one in a series of men who’ve been approached by three flirty ladies and invited to a party only to be robbed of cash, wallets and BlackBerries.  No, Ms Rasperry maybe doesn’t deserve all those hot BlackBerries, but think about all the time wasted playing BrickBreaker she saved him.  Not to mention all of the temptation to violate legal ethics by Facebook-ing and Twitter-ing inappropriately criticisms of the court system he’s been spared.  It was too much media for an old-school lawyer to handle anyway.  PS: Follow us!  [New York Post | The New York Times]

• If you’re considering a career switch—whether “by desire or economic necessity”—you need a plan and a pitch-perfect attitude.  So, you’ll have to forgive us, BL1Y, if we point out that comments like this one at 10:24 todayaren’t going to cut it: “While we’re at it, I’m looking at non-legal jobs and am certain any interviewer will ask me why I’m changing careers. I don’t think ‘the legal market sucks right now’ or ‘lawyers are all asshats and turd sandwiches’ would make for a good answer, though they really are my two main reasons for trying to find something else. Any suggestions for a more interview-friendly answer?” So fear not, we have a plan—and, well, it includes helping you, soand let’s chat.  Because we’re hooked up, and you apparently ain’t.  [Los Angeles Times]

• Bitch-slapped by the web, Zenas Zelotes, a Connecticut bankruptcy attorney, is busted and un-Yelp-able.  He has filed more than 550 ethics complaints in 47 states because of all the negative reviews and referrals that exist about him online.  Maybe he should have thought about that client service thing a while back.  [Norwich Bulletin]

• You can’t suck the blood out of lawyers you’ve laid off.  [Associated Press]

• Gimme a “Phillip.” Gimmie an “H.” Gimmie a “Corboy.” What’s that spell?  The new name of Loyola University Chicago’s law school in honor of a swanky PI lawyer alum.  [Chicago Tribune]

• Alaska: The home of media-shy Sarah Palin, killer Disney cruises and the country’s most lax home schooling laws that allow you to cram your kid’s head with ancient literature til he goes off to law school at 21.  [Anchorage Daily News]

• The demise of Enron exec Jeffrey Skilling is the corruption-busting weapon that’s being aimed at former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich: Charges of honest-services fraud.  It’s way hotter than wire fraud, but what the hell does it really mean?  [Associated Press]

• Journoblogger Andrew Sullivan has been setting off “cardinal principle of our legal system” red flags ever since his charge of marijuana possession was dropped like a burned-out roach.  Judges are pissed at the magistrate judge who handled the case, insisting preferential treatment was involved.  Four were busted that day, but only Sullivan was lightly wrist slapped.  How did he beat a federal pot charge?  The gov. hearts the gays.  [The Boston Globe]

• Civil District Court Judge Nadine Ramsey forfeited her $110,000 salary and resigned on Friday, further confirming rumors that she intends to be the newest, surprise candidate in the New Orleans mayoral race.  And as long as she avoids pulling a #14 and subbing Disney for the French Quarter, she should do quite well.  []

• Too bad it’s impossible to call for Kanye’s resignation.  Think Joe Wilson just had too much Hennessy[Washington Post]

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    Rudeness is the hat a lot of people wear today.  Too bad many need social manners classes