Bitter News, 9-15-09

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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom as disease-causing as your daily shower—but don’t tell the cat:

• Former SVP and general counsel of Intel, Bruce Sewell, is the new head of Apple’s legal department.  I heard it was the commercials that swung him.  [ArsTechnica]

• Anything seem super freaking shady about this to anyone? A personal injury law firm recently made a donation of a “welcomed surprise” to their local fire department.  What was it?  An extrication rescue tool called a Beast Cutter that cuts trapped victims out of vehicles.  And I’m sure there’s nothing short of an agreement to have to call the donating firm every time they use it.  [Fire Chief]

• Serena Williams and Juan Martin del Porto may be eating up all the US Open headlines, but behind the scenes and on the sidelines—presumably not getting a ball shoved down his f—king throat—is retired lawyer Jerry Loughran.  He’s 61, but for the purposes of the tournament, he’s a ball boy. [Boston Herald | The New York Times | ABA Journal]

• What part of “Do as I say, not as I do” is it that prospective law students don’t understand?  Despite overt demands, countless blog posts and semi-clever listicles, law school applications continue to set all-time records.  Wisconsin law schools are buried in apps, and GW Law School is enjoying 7% greater consideration love.  [Wisconsin Law Journal | The GW Hatchet]

• It’s often said that you can’t polish a turd.  But why can’t you?  That’s what Scott Bloch, former chief of the Office of Special Counsel for the George W. administration is being accused of doing.  The online bio for Bloch at his current firm of Tarone & McLaughlin LLP says “he attained notoriety” in his last position.  And, well, interpretations of that statement can be argued a lot of ways. [TPMMuckraker]

• Peddle power isn’t so powerful if there’s no legal biz to motivate.  [The Washington Post via ABA]

• “Hulk Hogan filed a lawsuit today against two of his many attorneys, claiming they wrongly charged him more than $1 million in legal fees.” Then he ripped off his shirt and hit them over the head with a folding chair.  Team Terry Bollea.  [Tampa Bay Online]

• Dream big, law students.  You don’t have to be a stuffy lawyer your whole life.  You can move on to the thrilling, sexy world of secondary-loan-market funds.  Cheers.  []

• Mascots give people something by which to unify themselves, I suppose.  For the Brenner Law Firm, it’s a screeching, Coca-Cola-drinking macaw named “Chewy” who lives in the partner’s office.  For New York University, it’s a bobcat.  And the girl who created the most recent incarnation of the bobcat is suing the university for using her like a graphic-artist whore and stiffing her on payment and credit.  [New York Daily News]

• Outplay, Outwit, Outlast—legally speaking.  The new season of CBS’ Survivor has some lawyerly competition this season.  And California bachelor/law student Jaison is developing quite the following even though the season doesn’t premiere til Thursday.  [The Shark]

• Murdered Yale graduate student Annie Le’s tragic story isn’t doing anything to help the ivy university’s public relations.  Hopefully the security guard at Yale Law can stay awake enough to keeps people out of the law library walls.  [The Volokh Conspiracy]

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