Bitter News, 9-2-09

Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom with a masculine name to help find a law job more easily:

• [The following links are possibly NSFW, but how the hell do I know where you work?] Not sure if you know (or will admit to knowing) what is, but it’s a site run by Nik Richie, “the world’s first ever reality blogger.” The premise is that Nik posts whatever pictures of kids partying, college girls in bikinis, athletes who party with college girls in bikinis, etc. he can get his hands on—along with whatever rumors, gossip or salacious “dirty” the submitter writes about those pictured. (Think Gawker but for the straight, young and un-famous.) If it’s a girl, like this “beached whale”, Nik concludes the post by ruling whether he’d have sex with her.  If it’s a guy, like Jack Nicholson’s son, he’ll weigh in on whether the kid’s a baller or a total d-bag.  It’s nasty, addictive, online ogle trash.  Ya got me?  So, yesterday, who lands on the blog?  A law student, complete with pictures of him allegedly doing bumps of cocaine from massive piles.  Line off a toilet seat, anyone?  (See image below.) The best are the comments debating how this might affect his chances during his character and fitness review.  The pics are likely not real, but it still doesn’t really help your rap in this market—though Nik does offers some job leads.  [The Dirty]

• Oh, that’s right—I have a point.  (The Dirty may be mindless, but Bitter Lawyer is here to help.) It’s how to protect yourself from “e-venge.” And here’s an extensive four-part series by an Internet lawyer on online personal reputation management.  [Brand X]

• Looks like some lucky firms will be earning their flat fee.  Today, federal prosecutors hit Pfizers with a $2.3-billion punch to the gut with record-breaking fees for illegally promoting their drugs by repeatedly giving doctors “free golf, massages, and resort junkets.” [AP via Yahoo Finance]

• And yesterday, a lawsuit was filed against Pfizer on behalf of a Dallas musician who was killed.  Apparently he was experiencing erratic side effects from Pfizer’s anti-smoking drug Chantix enough to freak out his neighbors so much they shot him.  [The Dallas Morning News]

• Oprah’s African school for girls just finished it’s first stage of trial where the defendant is a woman accused of abusing six students.  She should just blame Oprah.  Whitney Houston is[Associated Press]

• The issue of immigrants and free health care couldn’t be any more ripe.  And U.S. District Judge J. Michael Seabright ruled yesterday that “Hawaii’s government must continue providing lifesaving dialysis and chemotherapy treatments to Pacific island migrants suffering from kidney disease and cancer.” [The New York Times]

• Let’s get physics-al.  Let me hear your LSAT talk.  Discover magazine talks about our friend Paul Caron, the man behind TaxProf Blog, who posted some results from a new study looking at “the average LSAT scores of students with different undergraduate majors.” How’s this for hat tips?  [Tax Prof Blog via The Volokh Conspiracy via Discover Magazine]

The breakdown of average LSAT score by undergraduate major:

Physics/Math (160.0)

Economics (157.4)

Philosophy/Theology (157.4)

International Relations (156.5)

Engineering (156.2)

At the bottom of the list? Prelaw (148.3) and Criminal Justice (146.0)

[Update: This.]

• Have you seen that porn with the kids that go to Nasty American University?  That’s what National American University was afraid of, but they dropped their pants lawsuit alleging trademark violations and cyber privacy against the movie that used the acronym NAU.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

• “Roll over!” That’s what a lot of lawyers may be telling Toyota to do based on “a raft of reopened vehicle-rollover lawsuits after allegations by a former in-house lawyer that the automaker concealed and destroyed evidence and conspired to obstruct justice in civil cases.” [USA Today]

• Student loan provider Access Group held a contest for law students to win $10K, which, as the WSJ Law Blog points out, maybe just “enough for books and a few weeks of classes at a few of our pricier institutions of higher learning.” Entrants had to make a video about their inspiration to go to law school.  Obviously, when you ask for someone’s inspiration—especially related to law school—you’re going to get a bunch of ham-fisted BS, but the finalists were all better than expected.  The winner was announced yesterday, and it’s Branigan Robertson of Chapman University Law School.  (Yeah, it’s a TTT, but we’ll let it slide.) Good concept, shows personality—congrats, Branigan.  []

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