Bitter News, 9-3-09

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Headlines from the Bitter Newsroom who, like some celebs, have done awful shit—but you’ll forget:

• We’re busting at the seams.  No more law schools.  No more law students.  You’re clearly not welcome here.  Don’t think you’re going to be the exception.  The writing is on the wall, people.  Move along.  Because guess what!  The better the law school means the more miserable you’re going to be anyway. So you can’t win.  Run.  Run for the hills.  Run for you lives.  [NYT’s Dealbook]

• So you understand that $100K of debt for possibly zero job offers is a major risk.  Student debt is the highest it’s ever been. Fact.  But what if you could go to law school for only $20.  To that, I say: Go with God.  [Lansing State Journal]

• Uno!  That’s the sign that a SCOTUS member might be retiring. Justice John Paul Stevens confirmed that he only hired a single clerk for next year’s term.  And that’s an indicator of things winding down.  And why shouldn’t Stevens head out to pasture—he’s 89 years old. Go enjoy. [The Washington Post]

• How about a little game of SCOTUS dream team?  We’re bringing back nine all-star justices for the best full-court game possible.  And we’re not afraid to point out who’s going to be riding the bench.  []

Yesterday we offered a link to find out how to keep your good name clean online, and Dallas Hispanic Bar Association president George Solares is an example of how the bad stuff long outlives the good in the digital universe.  Dropped disciplinary charges haunt him.  Because no one ever writes the headline, “Lawyer Has Clean Record.” [The Dallas Morning News]

Mr. 162 thinks people despise lawyers because of effect of bankruptcy on good people, but City Attorney Ben Lipscomb thinks those who won’t settle and say things like, “I make more money defending the case,” are why people despise the profession.  And it all came from a lawyer’s request to schedule depositions around a college football game.  [Chicago Tribune]

• Kirkland & Ellis, which was one of the least-affected firms during the layoff avalanche over the last year, is about 20 associates lighter after issuing some pink slips following annual performance reviews.  [WSJ Law Blog]

• “Few people like jury duty. But for many people squeezed by the recession, a jury summons holds a new fear: financial ruin.” The economic status has our peers fearing financial doomsday if they’re forced to consider reasonable doubt.  And a juror fretting a layoff due to work absence doesn’t make a great juror really.  Ah, the old days—where people kicked back, relaxed and treated being sequestered like a vacation.  [The New York Times]

• Your BigLaw job may be crappy, but you don’t have carte blanche to piss all over the bathroom floor to express displeasure.  Mainly because it could force everyone to endure “mandatory urinary catheterization.” So, suck it up and wipe the seat—because “bathrooms are a privilege not a right.” [Anonymous Lawyer]

• Having the worst month ever in the legal space: Religious headscarves.  First dinged in court, and now we realize that due to old-fashioned KKK influence, three states still have laws banning teachers from wear religious clothing.  [Associated Press]

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