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Even if we’re not exactly poor right now, we’re all acting that way.  If we’re not crabbing about the sad state of the legal profession, we’re bitching about the cost of living.  But, like rust, the demand to look presentable in a business environment never sleeps.  Whether it’s the day-to-day of associate life or the big interview, threads matter.

Loehmann’s –“The It Store for Designer Fashion”—offered Bitter Lawyer an opportunity to hunt the racks in search of professional, law firm-worthy, designer looks for female lawyers.  And they even let us bring the Hear/Say crew to tear it apart.

Unable to go it alone, we teamed up with our new friend Mary Hall, AKA The Recessionista.  Her wildly popular blog is dedicated to fashion advice on how to remain stylish in frugal, rainy-day times.  Being the great sport she is, Mary showed us the light at the end of the “back room” clearance racks tunnel.

Check below for coupons links and tips from the Recessionista:

Coming soon: Our journey through the men’s store, where we find a compete, designer-duds ensemble for the cost of a pair shoes.  Practically guaranteed to help you ace your next interview.  However, it unfortunately does not include the suit that fights bird flu.


• Print this coupon and get to Loehmann’s this weekend to receive 20% any single clearance item—and hurry because it expires Columbus Day (Monday, October 12).  Find a store nearest you here.

• Join the Loehmann’s Insiders Club for the best discount and coupon offers.

• Hit up RetailMeNot and Coupon Cabin for codes and coupons for your favorite fashions.

• More people hit up the back racks at discount stores like Loehmann’s than you think.  Don’t feel embarrassed to seek good deals.  While we were shooting, one woman in the store saw a camera, threw on her Paris Hilton monster shades, screamed she didn’t want to be on camera and bolted for the door.  (The Recessionista gives the dirt on our day together here.)

[Ed. Note: Before you go all “FTC Regulator!” on us, we (sadly) did not get any freebies or payment from Loehmann’s.  And we merely compensated the Recessionista with a couple glasses of buttery Chardonnay after the shoot.]

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