The Bottom Rung – Episode 2

Watch the rest of the Bottom Rung, including character sketches of the dreamers, gunners, and lifers that make up document review.

  • Ellen

    I am HAVEING trouble getteing the YOU TUBE VIDEO to play.

    Is their something wrong with the cashe, or is it youre machine that is NOT workeing?

    I want to see it but it does NOT play. FOOEY!

  • Miserable Associate

    Love it, those tattoos are priceless…who is this actor? He looks familiar.

  • tara

    This is hilarious. The tattoos are absurd and awesome.

  • Guano Dubango

    We need to have the pretty woman play a role? We already have sufficient amount of sweaty white men, but no pretty women willing to provide entertainment to us? Enough with these men–get woman who are willing and able to start doing something sexy for us! Also, why do these temps have their own Apple computers? When I was temping, we had to use the firm’s cheap standardized desktop computers. But back to the story line. Please to bring on some pretty sexy women!!!!!!!