The Bottom Rung – Episode 3

Watch the rest of the Bottom Rung, including character sketches of the dreamers, gunners, and lifers that make up document review.

  • miserable associate

    I have to admit these episodes keep getting funnier and funnier. Reminds me of a guy in my law school…I hope that guy is scrubbing toilets somewhere.

  • Guano Dubango

    Enough with the character development of these other douche-nozzles already! We can see a hot blonde in the background, yet she has yet to play the role that all of us are eagerly awaiting! Now I am not saying she should do anything untoward, but she has a mouth–let her speak! She can keep all of her clothes on, I say. For all we know, she has a voice like a wounded hyena, but there is always the chance she has potential with my Aunt Ooona. Put the blonde out there now so that I can send a hyperlink to show my Aunt Ooona. If she finds her worthy enough, she will arrange for a r/t ticket to Accra to interview with her. Being my betrothed in Accra should certainly beat working as a legal temp on this website!