• Guano Dubango

    This is getting funny, but where is the fertile blond? We need to see more of her.

  • chuck hunter, esq

    Great work! Pls keep it up! So humorous and realistic. IF you could make such funny, I suggest adding some real life stuff like “there is always a Rat” on a DR job; the necessity of taking frequent breaks; the possibility of showing up and they say “didn’t you receive our email saying job is over?”.

    I don’t have a smartphone, etc so I drove 400 miles once to be told they emailed me ‘no job.’
    I should’ve had my wife check my email…now the HeadHunter has my cell phone so….

  • hakunah


    No real doc review is done on mac laptops, you need to get the cruddy equipment right. and the guy that eats at desk and stores food, plus the guys that vanish all day and don’t forget the foreign lawyers of questionable status. Where you do review?