• Guano Dubango

    I believe there may be some sort of sexual innuendo going on in Dave’s head between Paige and Dave. All of this day dreaming of Paige shoving prunes and the wedge sandwich into Dave’s mouth? Can it be that Dave is dreaming of returning the favour to Paige? She does have a nice figure that could be put to good use, no?

  • miserable associate

    Those are some great tits.

  • Fran

    The dude is being p-whipped. Wearing a woman’s bikini, getting sh**t shoved into his pie hole by the blond, having a set of perky teats waived in his face but no sex! The woman has a few good years until she becomes another troll over the hill.

    I think this dude should wake up now while she is not yet another pack mule and offer the woman to bang some holy bejesus with this woman on the beach or in the surf. She probably would agree and they would go home happy.

  • Ellen B

    Fooey! I would NEVER let a man stick his face in MY boobies or let him think he could have sex with me unless we were MARRIED! FOOEY on men that think of mus as sex objects! FOOEY!