Bottom Rung Episode 7

Watch the rest of the Bottom Rung, including past episodes and character interviews with Dave, Paige, Frank, and Eugene.

  • Hank

    This is some pretty good stuff. The blond is worth a few rolls in the hay. Not so much for the others.

  • Lauren

    Men who don’t go right for the crotch when a woman is signaling to do so really are pussies, as the Chinese woman says. Here, it is clear that Paige, fresh off of getting dumped, would have accepted any substitute penis, but the chunky guy missed the boas and is now left holding his own.

  • miserable associate

    I agree, I would pipe the blond. The fat one seems really dirty though. Why not her too.

  • Guano Dubango

    You men must be respectful to the ladies. They are not here to be “piped” or “rolled in the hay”. They are sensitive human beings who are absolutely necessary for companionship and continuation of the species. I am still in search of the revered law beauty who will bear me issue. If there is such a person out there, let her step forward.

  • misserable associate

    This guy has no game.

  • Harvey

    I see great posibilities for the blonde with the wide mouth. To bad this dude does not know what to do to in order to get her utilize that orifice productively! I suggest in the next episode you have the older douche formally counsel him on how the women in Vietnam serviced him for a few dollars, and how he could get this blonde to do the same for maybe $10. You can get the fat older battle axe to demonstrate on the older douche first.

  • hakunah

    eh, that one not as funny.
    you must have seen more than this you should show it

  • Hank

    Still no new episodes? Wheel out some new characters, then!