• Larry

    Dave should have boned the blond right away, before the French doosh gave her his salami. Now that she’s getting it regularly and in the caboose, ahe won’t need Dave for moral support. Good lesson for the guys: pipe a broad ASAP if you can and and she will always come back for more.

  • miserableassociate

    I agree, he who hesitates, masturbates!

    • Verna

      You men are all the same, thinking of us as sexual vassals, or as repositories for your weak swimming sperm. Well we are more and we do not like to be thought of as sexual repositories of any sort. Yes, good sex is fun, but not when you leave a sloppy mess. I say be clean and thoughtful; as it is, your kind of “hump and dump” attitude is not appreciated by women like me who have an education and more to offer than being your sperm receptacle.
      The blond woman here can think on her own; if she makes the wrong decisions and winds up with the weaseley French guy, she will hopefully learn from her mistakes. Maybe eventually she will go back with the schleppy douche who is pining after her, but maybe not. If she goes overseas, she may learn how the French live, and all of their hygiene habits. If she stops shaving her arm pits, that may be a good thing. Thereafter, she may well come to better appreciate the schleppy douche, and if he keeps himself cleaner down under than the guy she is humping over seas, she may well learn how to come back and make the schleppy douche happier than he could ever imagine now. So i say she should go overseas, find out more about the French, and once she is fed up over there, she can return to the schleppy douche and give him the ride of his life.