BREAKING: Midlevel Associates Hate Their Jobs

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We do hope you’re sitting down. Results of American Lawyer‘s annual Associates Survey are in and the news is as grim as it is shocking: Midlevels at firms coast-to-coast are “eyeing the door.” In fact, a “close parsing” of 7,259 midlevel associates from 180 firms has revealed that “although most associates think they could make partner, they’re not sure they want to,” with many citing as a deterrent the fact that “they see some junior partners working even more ferocious hours than their own.”

Legal pundits and statisticians alike have applauded American Lawyer for the reliability of the survey’s results, but they have nonetheless wondered aloud when the publication will stop wasting money on so-called scientific metrics to prove the blaringly obvious. That said, stats lovers the world over are waiting with bated breath for the results of the magazine’s next zeitgeist-shattering survey on whether that phenomenon known as “internet porn” is here to stay. Will keep you posted. [American Lawyer]

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    “Baited breath”?  Ugh.  Tic-tac?  (It’s “bated”, as in “held”)

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    Holy sh!t – previous poster, you need to go kill yourself… immediately.