But Were They Manolos?

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In reports confirming that no matter the context, shoes do matter, police are on the hunt for members of a girl gang that allegedly attacked two teenage sisters with a few super-size stilettos outside the appropriately named Club Crunk in Fort Pierce, Florida. According to a Fort Pierce police report, the sisters told police that members of the “Rock Star Girls” and “The Cheerleaders” gangs “approached them…and began punching and kicking.” Apparently three of the gang girls “removed their shoes and began beating” the sisters as one assailant, who was “swinging a silver shoe with a six-inch heel, remarked, ‘B, I am gonna kill you.’”

The police have not confirmed exactly how many gang ladies were involved in the attack, but as the mother of the victims told police in her 911 call, “Look at my babies, they were beaten at the club by like 30 hoes.” Sources inside the police department have not confirmed whether the alleged assailants are, in fact, “hoes,” but they have gingerly noted: If the swinging, silver, six-inch-stiletto shoe fits… [The Smoking Gun]

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