Calling Judge "Catholic Knight Witch Hunter" Ain't So Minnesota Nice

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In case you didn’t know it, Bitter Lawyer head honchos are Minnesotans, which means we are supposed to be nice and all and we shuffle our shoes and look down at the ground when asked for our opinions on something controversial. Usually we mutter, “that’s interesting.” Yeah, it doesn’t often go that way.

And it’s far from that way for a Minnesota attorney and her client who have raised the ire of one of Minnesota’s bankruptcy judges by filing outrageous and slur-filled documents that have called U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Nancy Dreher a “Catholic Knight Witch Hunter” and “black-robed bigot.” But that’s not all. In rambling court filings, the attorney and her client have stated:

Across the country the court systems and particularly the Bankruptcy Court in Minnesota, are composed of a bunch of ignoramus, bigoted Catholic beasts that carry the sword of the church. Judge Dennis O’Brien is a Jesuit, Judge Nancy Dreher is a Catholic Knight Witch Hunter, U.S. Trustee Colin Kreuziger is a priest’s boy, and the infamous Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty is a Jesuitess.

Debtor and its representatives have never experienced any justice at the hands of these inquisitors. Since Debtor has been vocal is exposing their dirty deeds, these dirty Catholics have conspired together to hurt Debtor.

Given what these dirty Catholics are capable of and particularly since there is no law to protect the minority, Debtor is concerned about what their secret plans are for the December 6, 2011 hearing. Catholic deeds throughout the history have been bloody and murderous.

Given the track record of injustice in this case, it seems that Debtor will never see justice until the matter is addressed in an international court in Beijing, China.

Judge Dreher was careful in footnotes to add “I have never been Catholic” and “I do not know of what religion, if any, [Chapter 7 Trustee] Ms. Manty is, but it cannot be the same as mine, as I am not of any particular faith.”

The end result? Predictable. Judge Dreher has set the matter on for a contempt hearing in January, with a $10,000 sanction, public apology, and 30 hours of ethics training on the line, in addition to issuing an injunction prohibiting further filings. Here’s Judge Dreher’s order.

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