Can I Tell My Liberal Colleagues That I'm a Republican?

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I’m an Associate General Counsel at a large state university and a Republican. As far as I can discern, all of the other AGCs are Democrats. I don’t think the workplace is the right place to talk politics, but right now the political chatter about the Presidential election is overwhelming and driving me nuts. I haven’t revealed my political leanings and don’t want to—but unless I talk politics, there simply isn’t any small talk to be had. I’m very conservative and very opinionated (Romney is the clear solution to our economic woes and will advance the interests of those people who truly make this country great; Obama will destroy us if he gets another four years at the helm), and fear that if I speak up, I’ll forever isolate myself from my colleagues. But I can’t handle their crazy liberal talk anymore!! Help me!

Unless you’re one of Mitt Romney’s (myriad) blood relatives, it won’t kill you to keep it in your pants. You’ve already admitted that you don’t think the workplace is the right place to talk politics, so why betray your own principle?

If your coworkers are, in fact, “crazy liberals,” then it’s extremely likely that they categorically view all Republicans as racist, gun-toting, homophobic, warmongering hillbillies. It doesn’t matter whether or not you actually possess any of those attributes, nor does it matter where you fall on the conservative spectrum — the minute you speak up and identify yourself as being one of Romney’s 53%, you’re toast. Even if you’re actually rather moderate and can articulate factual support for your beliefs, the minute you show your (red) hand, you’ll remain forever branded, in their minds, as someone who watches Fox & Friends and chants “We built that!”

Think about this logically. If you feel isolated now because you can’t join in the office small talk, just wait and see how much worse the isolation becomes when you get completely and totally shunned by your colleagues. Here’s a better idea — actively create your own small talk. Pick a topic, any topic — so long as it’s bipartisan and free from any political implication whatsoever — and initiate a conversation about it with whichever one of your coworkers appears to participate the least in the aggressive political discussions. Ultimately, unless you want to commit workplace suicide and spend the rest of your time at your office branded as a Republican leper and thereby forced into de facto solitary confinement by your liberal coworkers, that’s your only option. Hold your tongue during the day, and when you go home each night, you can curl up with your favorite Ann Coulter book and switch on Bill O’Reilly and get the warm Republican fuzzies that you were craving during the workday.

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  • Jen

    There’s no other small talk to be had??? Have you heard of football? It’s kind of big in the U.S. Do any of your coworkers have families?

  • Anon.

    Why not just say you are tired of talking politics? I don’t think that’s unreasonable. With the constant barrage of media coverage and political advertising now, I think that is an understandable request. Just jokingly say that all this political talk together with the news and advertising has thrown you into sensory overload, and suggest another topic.

  • Bill

    Of course, you will be berated, isolated, excoriated and marginalized. You are, after all, dealing with the Party of Tolerance.

    • Michelle Beth

      You have no cojones. You are whiny. You sound as if you are a victim. You are a bunch of racist, gun-toting, homophobic, warmongering hillbillies. You mostly live in red states and are too poor to pay taxes.

      There, you little weenie.

  • Hank

    I like politics, but women who are democrats I can not live with.

    • Michelle Beth

      As a consequence, you live with a water buffalo.

      • Louis

        Gosh, this Michelle Beth has posted twice excoriating two separate men on 2 separate posts. I can’t imagine who she is married to.

  • John Thursday

    But isn’t that true that Republicans are homophobic (mostly b/c the males are likely latently homosexual), sexist, racist, xenophobic, exclusionary, war-mongering (although they won’t actually fight themselves), sadistic, reactionary, intolerant, greedy, corporate, conformist, stiff, boring, falsely pious, believe in “free market” solutions to problems created by the rampant greed of the “free market”? And that they actually think Fox News is “fair and balanced”?

  • John Thursday

    Oh, and that they blast “moochers”, but have no problem w/ corporate welfare, try to avoid paying taxes at all costs, don’t like gov’t interference w/ again, that sacred cow, the market place (along w/ the military), but have no problem w/ the gov’t telling what you can and can’t put in your body (drugs), who you can f-ck consentually, and what a woman can or can’t do with her body. Also, talk about spending, again, the US spends more money in defense than all other countries COMBINED. Is only second in China to prison popuation and the War on Drugs is a waste of money, resources, and unnecessarily ruins peoples lives and again money wasted in incarceration of “drug dealers”. Of course, Republicans advocate “smaller gov’t”. They are anti-abortion but have no problem w/ children and non-combative adult civilians getting blown up by drones or US soldiers in foreign countries.

    And unless you make more that $250k/year or basically an economic benificiary of the policies they promote, you have no business voting for such a bunch of savage, fourteenth century mentality neanderthals.

    • Hank

      This guy definitely needs a woman to relieve the tension in his loins!

  • John

    >>you can curl up with your favorite Ann Coulter book and switch on Bill O’Reilly and get the warm Republican fuzzies that you were craving during the workday.

    Let’s try Thomas Sowell or maybe even Dennis Prager. Mark Steyn, anyone? I didn’t think so. People who aren’t conservative think Coulter and O’ Reilly are the “leaders” of the right. They’re not.